Chertoff: I H8 NY

Now, I understand why New Yorkers are ticked off at Chertoff. The New York Daily News minces no words:

HOMELAND Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told New York to drop dead yesterday as he slashed the city’s federal anti-terror funding in a traitorous action that endangers the lives of 8 million people and demands his immediate firing.

Chertoff’s decision to cut the flow of U.S. money by 40% was at the least gross incompetence and at the worst vengeful payback by a petty bureaucrat who tangled last year with the NYPD and wound up humiliated. Either way, President Bush must give Chertoff the boot with a hearty, “Heck of a job, Mikey.”

What may surprise residents of “America’s No. 1 target” is that this is consistent with Chertoff’s behavior when he head of the Criminal Division at the Department of Justice. He was instrumental in quashing an investigation into terror financing involving a Boston software firm called Ptech, which was principally financed by Saudi businessman Yassin Al-Qadi. Al-Qadi was identified by presidential Executive Order in October 2001 as a key financial backer of Osama Bin Laden.

Despite that order, and the fact that Ptech held millions of dollars worth of contracts with various government agencies, including the Air Force, Department of Energy, the FAA and the FBI, Chertoff and the DOJ wrestled control of Operation Greenquest, an investigation into terror financing, away from the Department of Homeland Security — and to this day Ptech is still operating (under a new name) and no one connected with Ptech has been charged.

Feel safer?


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