Iron Dragons Review

Kevin Bayer weighs in on Iron Dragons:


That pretty much sums up my reaction to reading this book.

Derek P. Gilbert’s first published novel is nothing short of excellent. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be this good… and I’m tempted to say it’s even better than the two novels I’ve read by his wife.

Iron Dragons is a “fantasy” novel in that it’s set in a medieval-type world with dragons, inns along the road, and plenty of ale to knock out the itinerant dragon-slayer. Throw a crazy ragamuffin dog, a priest that’s either incredibly brave or incredibly thoughtless, a stable-hand that is quite the man of the world, and another interesting* character or two, and you’ve got an excellent read. There’s action, humor, character development, excellent world-building. And the writing-style is excellent.

Go buy this book. Now.

*I can’t explain additional interesting characters or plot twists, as it would so spoil the fun!

Thank you, Kev! You are far too kind; Sharon is a much better writer.

Full disclosure: I provided Kevin a free PDF review copy under the terms of the “Steal This Novel!” offer detailed here. If you blog and you’d a copy, let me know.


One response to “Iron Dragons Review

  1. Sharon is an excellent writer, I won’t argue that.
    But on the whole, I think Iron Dragons showed more creativity
    in use of settings and descriptions, and language use.
    Of course, it’s been awhile since I’ve read Sharon’s works.
    I eagerly await some of your “real world” fiction that fits together with Sharon’s.
    Now she has to show you up! 🙂
    You both have several novels coming out in the near future, that should keep me in my PID fix!

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