No 757 There, Either

Yeah, I’ve degenerated into a foil hat wearing nutcase. Maybe it was the pristine lawn in front of the Pentagon on September 11, or maybe it was the complete lack of seats, victims, luggage, and airplane parts amidst the rubble. Believe me, I’d much rather believe that the official story is true because the implications of any alternate explanation are very disturbing.

That said, the release of video from two Pentagon security cameras yesterday was a total non-event. There is more to be learned from the timing of the release than from the indistinguishable white blur. Was it intended to mask the announcement of an indictment against Karl Rove?

Lest we forget, by the way, the government is still holding on to 84 other recordings from Pentagon security cameras of what’s supposed to be Flight 77.


One response to “No 757 There, Either

  1. Keith Edwards

    That was a plane? Mamma jamma it looked more like a missile. Any pilot skimming the ground like that with a biiiig passenger liner at the speed it was moving had crazy-mad flying skills. I thought these guys weren’t that talented. A plane? I don’t thinka so brother.

    Canucklehead Keith

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