Babylon Rising

This is interesting–and creepy, in a prophetic, end times sort of way:

Iraqi leaders and U.N. officials are not giving up. They are working assiduously to restore Babylon and turn it into a cultural center and possibly even an Iraqi theme park. No one is saying this is going to happen any time soon, but what makes the project even conceivable is that the area around Babylon is one of the safest in Iraq — a beacon of civilization, once again, in a land of chaos.

Ancient Babylon, celebrated as a fount of law, writing and urban living, sits just outside the modern-day city of Hilla, about 60 miles south of Baghdad.

Ancient Babylon was celebrated as a fount of mysticism and sorcery. That’s not a good thing.

And I know this is going to sound like I’m off my nut, but I have a source who’s confirmed to his satisfaction that some of the “damage” done by members of the American military at Babylon, including some of high rank, occurred during a ritual performed around the site, some sort of magickal working. Believe it or don’t, but I trust my source.

Babylon still has a role to play in the history of the world. The end game is about to play out.


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