Susan Lindauer Update

J Fields heard from Susan in New York:

Susan called after I got home from class last night.

Her view is that the government does not want her claiming that she was working as an asset for our intelligence agencies. They will medicate (with medicine that has unpleasant side effects but does nothing to eliminate delusions) until she stops claiming to be an asset. Problem is, that is her defense and without a defense they will then imprison her.

Wouldn’t you freak out? Your government is talking about torturing you until you agree to go to prison.

Welcome to the New American Century.

3 responses to “Susan Lindauer Update

  1. The law does not allow a trial to be held if the defendant cannot assist in his/her own defense. The facts and testimony would not change if Susan Lindauer is medicated so there can be a trial. There is no “medicine” that changes facts. And the prosecution has indicated that her own physician can approve the medication, and yet she still does not agree. So it increasingly appears to the press that Susan is fighting the medical requirement in order to stay incarcerated to avoid having a trial where she would have to testify and facts would be presented against Bush and the the administration. She appears to have switched to supporting Bush and that is why the press is no longer covering her story. Is someone paying her or promising her something to stay incarcerated until Bush is out of office??

  2. I would be inclined to wonder about that myself if we hadn’t spoken with her tenant, J Fields. Nothing he’s said or written indicates that Susan wants anything short of vindication and her freedom.

  3. I heard nothing in the hearings that indicated that the prosecution was willing for Susan to accept medication, privately. They want her back in Carswell, from all appearances, and will argue (mark my words) that she can’t be trusted to adhere to a private regimen. Susan has asked for the opportunity to be released to private care and already stated that she would abide whatever prescription a private doctor might prescribe. The government is not agreeing to that, even though it is not clear that there is any medication that will actually help her.

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