Purpose-Driven Marketing

Does Rick Warren really need another outreach?

AS PREPARATIONS are underway for the release of the Starbucks Coffee cup featuring a quote from “Purpose Driven” author Rick Warren in late April, the Purpose Driven Ministries has launched a new online “coffeehouse” community – the Purpose Driven Café.
The online Purpose Driven Café was launched to provide more information to someone who sees the quote and is interested in finding out more about Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven Life book. It is housed on the Purpose Driven Life Web site at http://www.purposedriven.com and also offers features oriented toward common questions about Christianity.

Forgive me for thinking that this is more about selling more books for Warren than about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Life isn’t about “purpose”, first and foremost; for Christians, it’s about sin and salvation–concepts that get low priority in Warren’s theology.


2 responses to “Purpose-Driven Marketing

  1. Derek, I have some important things to ask of you and tell you. I have listened to you and Sharon for a quite a few months now. I feel your intentions are pure as far as the side of the Almighty. And that’s why I’ve decided to write this.

    I seem to be caught in some kind of web. Good and evil for sure. I haven’t lived the best of christian lives, but I’ve prayed quite a bit for forgiveness. I believe he has forgiven me to a certain degree, but I feel I have yet to prove myself. I can’t quite figure out what it is, but I know it’s some power(?) I possess. I will get into this and ask console of you soon in a more private manner if possible.

    But right now, I was wondering if you could recommend a concise and rock-solid method in which to convince a friend that this Purpose Driven Life thing is not the right path.

    I do remember hearing Constance Cumby talk about it I believe. Someone else as well. But it is difficult to try to catch up and learn knowledge currently as I have these forces against me. They seem to have stopped me physically with EMP. I won’t get into that now, but I think you may know of which I speak. These are civilian in nature but sanctioned by a government subsidized body.

    In any case, if there is a way to show a friend in the EMP
    ed A.D.D. America that we’ve become, how this is not a “purpose”, but a scam. I would appreciate it. That is what you believe I gathered from your ed. notes. Audio? Interviews? a book, articles, etc. YOu and Sharon seem sincere and I know you will help me if you can find time. This is not a crank or a joke and I’ m not some kind of whacko.

    Anything you can point me to in the Bible would be appreciative. I seem to be falling on Daniel quite a bit lately. Is there any area of the bible that you feel helps with empowerment and knowledge? Ways of protection besides prayer? I need some help with this.

    Thank you much and may god bless and keep you and yours safe, “RJ”

  2. No doubt about it. The thing is the whole Purpose-Driven Life concept, book and all, was always a marketing thing.

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