Art Bell Remarries — Already

I don’t feel comfortable criticizing someone who is probably a long way from recovering from the most traumatic event anyone can suffer, the loss of a spouse, but news that long-time radio host Art Bell has remarried just three months after the death of his wife is a little…creepy.

Art is 60. His new bride is 20-something. Art is moving from his home outside Pahrump, Nevada to the Philippines on April 29, where he and his Filipino wife will make their home. He will continue his twice-monthly broadcasts for Coast to Coast AM.

I wouldn’t even mention this except that Art devoted the first hour of his show last Saturday night to telling the story of how he and his new bride met, fell in love, and married. Sorry, but this is very, very odd.


10 responses to “Art Bell Remarries — Already

  1. now girls,its not really any of your business is it

  2. Derek –

    That’s the adjective I was thinking – “creepy.” Just as creepy were all the losers calling
    and chiming in their congratulations and telling about their respective “mail-order” brides,
    including super-creep Ed Dames talking about his former-Soviet-bloc fiancee. Even creepier,
    the ones who didn’t have their own stories about robbing the global cradle sounded like they
    were drooling and salivating in envy.

    Don’t American men have the wherewithal to deal with American women anymore? Or are we
    red-blooded American gals just too picky and demanding for them?:)

    As to whose business it is, well, if you air your wedding laundry in public…etc.

  3. Bill: Normally I would agree, but Art spent an entire hour talking about it on a radio program syndicated to hundreds of radio stations and hundreds of thousands of listeners. One assumes that if he didn’t want people to know, he wouldn’t have made it the topic of his show.

  4. art bell should have stayed in the usa and married someone here after a year and not sell his cats and house

  5. George Noory had Art Bell on Coast to Coast last night. Noory kissed Bell’s ass big time however, stopped short of congradulating him on his marriage to his child bride. Maybe Noory would rather kiss Bell’s ass and fall short of congradulating him than to congradulate him, not say anything else. Bell said that 97 percent of the responses to his marriage were positive. From this and other threads on the Web th e opposite seems to be true. It seems rather incredible that Clear Channel agreed to have Bell broadcast his show from the Phillipines with all the hassles involved with doing such a project for only one night a week.They’re probably hoping to cash on the controversy. Somebody suggested that Bell may have something on the Clear Channel CEO.

    Jack Bauer | 2006-04-27 06:13 PM | link

  6. Thanks for the heads up,Jack. I went and listened to the streamlink and Art sure “doth protest too much”. I think he must have gotten enough negative feedback to feel he had to defend himself. I think he’s gone though enough now though and we should leave him alone.

  7. President Bush signed the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 on January 5, 2006, the same day Bell’s wife, Ramona, died. The law went into effect on March 6, 2006. The new law requires American men disclose their police records and other personal information to the prospective “mail-order” bride. The law aims at protecting the prospective bride from unknowingly marrying an abusive husband, but many men feel that the law is unfair and invades their privacy.

  8. does anyone even listen to Art after he remarried gave away his
    precious cats whom he credited with keeping him from committing suicide,what a bum.

  9. Wayne Wesselman

    “I” for one am glad for Art!! I also have a Beautiful Filipina for
    a wife!! They sure have their priorities in the right place!!
    They are Sincere, & Don’t play head games. He marries Filipina’s for
    a reason!! Good for him, & her!!!!

  10. Lets face it…who else but a “love you long time” would marry such an ugly looking old man. Eeeeewww….Do I hear Viagra, anyone, anyone, Bueller????

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