Best Quote on “The Gospel of Judas”

Once again from Get Religion:

This story is sort of akin to folks in 3800 AD translating a Weekly World News story from this year that says Abraham Lincoln was actually a woman dressing as a man.

It wasn’t surprising to find the soggy-headed Elaine Pagels providing so much of the expert commentary for National Geographic’s special last night. She’s been pushing for a revision of orthodox Christianity for years. She’s often cited by those who want to wish the marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene into reality. Her determination to persist in her beliefs despite the lack of evidence is admirable.

Here are the key questions: If the Gospel of Judas can’t be traced any farther back than the late Second Century, which it can’t, then why should we give it the same credibility as the four canonical gospels, which even liberal scholars date to within 30 years of the Crucifixion? And if the Gospel of Judas contradicts the New Testament depiction of Jesus as divine (i.e., the Christ), which it does, then how does Judas shed any light at all on early Christianity?

Can it be that this so-called gospel is creating such a buzz, like The Da Vinci Code, because it resonates with our postmodern culture? Have the United States become a gnostic nation?


One response to “Best Quote on “The Gospel of Judas”

  1. From the standpoint that we in America think that we alone have it all figured out and are somehow special and elite because of who we are and what we know, I’d say that the gnostic label fits.

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