Didn’t Take Long

The hit pieces on Charlie Sheen are sure to come fast and furious now that CNN has opened the mainstream media door to questions on the official 9/11 story. I’m sure I break with most of my Christian brothers and sisters by agreeing with Charlie on this one.

Stated simply, there is no way the publicly available evidence can be shoehorned into the official government story of what happened on September 11, 2001. And if the government is deliberately hiding the truth, it follows that the government has something to lose if the truth gets out.

Attack Sheen’s character if you wish. He has engaged in behavior I find distasteful and wrong. That doesn’t mean his brain has completely shut down.

Consider: We know for a fact that the government refused to follow leads that could have stopped the 9/11 plot in its tracks. We know for a fact that Michael Chertoff, when he was with Justice, stopped an investigation into terror financing involving a computer company (Ptech) that provided network systems software to many key government agencies. We know for a fact that our government is willing to bribe or coerce the media, here and abroad, to report what it wants. We know for a fact that military PSYOPS officers were employed inside CNN’s newsroom as recently as 2000. We know for a fact that the NSA has contracts with AP and Reuters (but we don’t know for what).

We know for a fact that most of the media in the U.S. is owned by a handful of very wealthy individuals who stand to gain nothing by disturbing the status quo.

Why, then, do most of us assume that what we see or read in the mainstream media is the truth?

My take on the Sheen story: I’m glad it’s getting play, but my guess is that Sheen will be the victim of a character assassination campaign that will in turn paint all of us who refuse to swallow the government line as lunatics.


One response to “Didn’t Take Long

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your take on Charlie Sheen. Having blacksmithed for a year I know what it takes to melt steel. The fuel from a jet aircraft, which is basically kerosene, does not burn hot enough, nor long enough to melt steel. Then there is the HUGE question concerning building #7. Even if you are a skeptic over how the towers fell, no one should buy what happened to building #7, after doing a little study. Sheen is right on his assertion that if #7 is questionable, then the whole chain of events is questionable.

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