Slip of the Tongue > Out the Door

Local talk radio host Dave Lenihan (KTRS-AM/St. Louis) broke one of the cardinal rules in 21st century PC America this morning and paid the price:

They were talking about [Condoleeza Rice] becoming Commissioner of the NFL. He had just finished saying she had impecible credentials, he mentioned her Chancellorship of Stanford, and her ability to export the NFL to other countries and said “it would really be a coup,” (except you can change the last two letters of coup to know what he said).

And for that momentary brain cramp, Lenihan–who was hired away from perennial St. Louis also-ran WGNU just a week earlier–is now unemployed.

Yeesh. Lenihan is a good guy who has never expressed a racist sentiment on the air as far as I know. Some mistakes are worthy of immediate termination. This wasn’t one of them.


3 responses to “Slip of the Tongue > Out the Door

  1. I think that if he had just corrected himself and gone on, no one would have thought anything about it, and it would have been clear that it was not an intended racist slur. Instead, he stopped his thought, repeated the word and then apologized, after which he giggled. I suspect that was nervous laughter, but the whole performance really called attention to his goof. I don’t think he handled it well, but I also think the station management was rather too hasty. I feel bad for the guy.

  2. Being black myself, I thought the station went way overboard in their reaction to this. We are human and we do err. He apologized profusely and at the most, a slap on the wrist should have happened. To destroy his career is outrageous! And those #$%^#$%# at the NAACP shouldn’t be asked for comment on everything that happens to be offensive to a few blacks. They definitely don’t speak for all us.

  3. Give me a break. If people are that unforgiving then I understand why Bush is still in office. He mad e a mistake. There is no reason for him to be treated the way he was. Looks like they needed a scapegoat.
    For that you can fight back. Don’t patronized their advertisers and let the advertisers know you mean business by calling them and telling them you will not use their stuff. I hope I never make a mistake.

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