Peoria Back On the Map

How ’bout Bradley? How ’bout that “mid-major” Missouri Valley Conference?

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from coaches in larger, more prestigious conferences when the Valley placed four teams in the tournament–presumably at the expense of a more deserving team from the Big 10, Big 12, ACC, SEC, or Big East.

Well, Bradley and Wichita State are now among the Sweet 16, and they took out Kansas, Pitt, Seton Hall, and Tennessee to do it.

Let us have no further talk about the unworthiness of the Missouri Valley Conference.


2 responses to “Peoria Back On the Map

  1. Big CONGRATULATIONS to Bradley. I love it guys. I am from Wichita and big Wichita State fan. But you guys are making me proud.
    I still don’t believe Nantz and Packer have really ever apologized for their rude uncalled for remarks, but who cares anymore.
    I believe the MVC has shown how tough it is. My dream is that WSU and Bradley play for national championship, big dream, but
    who knows…right? Keep on Going Braves we are rooting for you. Keep on Going BRAVES!!!


  2. And go Shockers! It’s about time the Valley gets a little respect. Things have to be pretty sweet in Wichita right now, with the Shockers in the 16 while Kansas sits at home.

    The last time the national media took the MVC seriously was when Nolan Richardson and Tubby Smith took those Tulsa teams to the dance every year. (And where is Tulsa now?) Even Larry Bird’s Indiana State teams didn’t generate any lasting effect on the league.

    I’ll tell you, those Tulsa/Bradley battles between Dick Versace and Rollin’ Nolan were something to watch.

    Nantz and Packer did apologize yesterday, sort of. They kind of had to; their situation was too obvious to ignore.

    Bradley’s got a tough one next in Memphis, but we’ll keep hoping. George Mason? I think the Shockers have a good shot at the Elite 8, and then who knows?

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