The Air America Bailout

Brian Maloney has been leading the charge in spotlighting the uneven coverage given to the dire financial condition of Air America, the struggling liberal talk radio network. The MSM pretty much ignored last summer’s revelation that the network received hundreds of thousands of dollars diverted from state and local tax revenues intended for inner city kids and senior citizens at the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club.

That wasn’t enough to pay Al Franken’s electric bill, apparently, because George Soros and a group of liberal investors are ponying up about $8 million to keep AA on the air until fall.

The big story here, however, is the funding George Soros’ Open Society Initiative receives from the Department of State–something like $30 million since 1998, according to a 2005 Fox News report.

Since money is fungible, does this mean that American taxpayers, in a roundabout way, are contributing to the Air America bailout?


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