Holy Plunder

What the cartoon intifada is really all about:

Extremist outlaws set on fire a number of buildings and vehicles and robbed several banks, shops and homes that came in the way of a “protest demonstration” initiated in the name of religion against anti-Islamic cartoons published in European newspapers.

Police failed to control the mob incited by stick-wielding bearded men, some of whom even fired at a Naseerabad precinct police van.

Ronald McDonald in Pakistan

The raiders entered the Askari Bank building in Bank Square and robbed money and computers and destroyed the bank’s furniture Another group of thugs broke into McDonalds restaurant nearby, chained, beat and burnt “Ronald McDonald” the clown, robbed all the cash and ate the food. They also brutalised people inside the restaurant.

The outlaws entered Pizza Hut on The Mall where they looted all cash and ate and ran away with pizzas, after beating the restaurant’s employees. They also broke into Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) on The Mall and robbed cash. A man was seen fleeing with frozen chicken on his motorcycle.

The plunderers broke into Allied Electronics and robbed vacuum cleaners, irons and air conditioners. They broke the ATM outside Muslim Commercial Bank on The Mall. The also broke into McDonalds restaurant on Edgerton Road, looted cash and beat the employees. Another mob broke into Shezan bakery in Garhi Shahu and robbed cash and food.

The robbers robbed more than 25 shops on and around the road from Naqi Arcade to Alfalah Bank, and also looted some not so valuable goods including readymade garments and shoes.

More evidence that my hunch is right–this is being trumped up by somebody spoiling for a holy war.


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