Christian Carnival CVII – A Winter Olympic Preview

We’re back in the Christian Carnival this week, which Rev. Ed of Attention Span has set up as a Winter Olympic preview.

Trust me — this is more entertaining and edifying than the Olympics. Less pagan imagery and symbolism, too. Remember the opening ceremony at Athens? Creepy.

Our contribution this week is our P.I.D. Live interview with author Peter Goodgame (Red Moon Rising) about his forthcoming book, in which he ties Egyptian myth and Sumerian history into Bible prophecy to reach a startling conclusion: The Antichrist of the Apocalypse will be the resurrected god-man Osiris–better known as Nimrod of Genesis chapter 10.

That was too good a topic to let go. We continued the interview to bring out more details, which you can hear in three parts this week on our P.I.D. Radio podcast.


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