Somebody Who Gets It

Vox Day hears the drums:

We must attack Iran, we are informed, or those mad mullahs will attack Israel! And certainly, insane or not, the Iranians have been rattling their sabers in that direction. But have we not provided more than $64 billion in military aid over the years for just that very purpose? If all of those F-16s and M-16s and Sidewinders and Patriots do not permit Israel to defend herself against a regional military threat, then what was the point of providing it in the first place?

Surely not to enrich the oligarchs who control the military-industrial complex!

Yet suggesting that it was, and that the mainstream media is now waging a PR campaign to justify the invasion of Iran for the purpose of preventing the opening of the Iranian Oil Bourse, is, as Vox discovered, tantamount to heresy in the eyes of many American evangelicals.

When did American political dissent rise to the level of blasphemy? Have we truly and completely revived the Roman empire?


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