Profile of a Moral Superpower

Canadians love to lecture us Americans on how screwed up we are. To my friends from the north, I say: Not another word.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that group sex in publicly accessible venues is legal.

In a ruling handed down this morning, Canada’s Supreme Court has declared it is legal for clubs to provide opportunities for group sex. As long as consent is given, the area is somewhat private, and no payment is directly involved, partner exchanging or “swinging” and group participation in sexual acts is not considered illegal.
With sex clubs now protected by Canada’s supreme court, the potential social repercussions are staggering. The age of sexual consent in Canada is 14. Canadian teenagers can now legally participate in group sex offered by clubs (so long as alcohol is not sold on the premises).

I have no response to that. If that last paragraph doesn’t raise your hackles, then we’re moving in alternate universes.


One response to “Profile of a Moral Superpower

  1. What.. you’re against this?

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