Do Christians Really Believe the Bible?

Our friend Daniel Eaton gets right to the point: Christian, do you walk the walk?

Our logical, scientific worldview has all but eliminated the idea of the Supernatural. We raise our spiritual shields against fictional kids in pointed hats riding around on brooms and winged fictional animals. We express a great deal of concern over people whose “magic” is scarcely more than “abracadabra”.

Yet at the same time, we don’t really acknowledge the real supernatural that the Harry Potter slippery slope is allegedly heading towards.
It is no wonder that today’s Christians are more likely to take the Bible less literally than the generation before. We have all but neutered it.

Isn’t it odd that the majority of a group that by definition believes in the supernatural, contrary to the teachings of its Holy book, denies the existence of demons, sorcery, and other phenomena that fall outside the anti-supernatural Western world view? Why do we assume that the powers and principalities Jesus encountered during His ministry politely decided to leave us alone after the first century A.D.?

Christians, do we believe the Bible is true or don’t we?


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