What’s Up With Fox News?

Sharon and I watched “Fox & Friends” this morning while we scoured the web for stories to post to our news blog, Watcher Magazine. The perky morning news trio handed off to the entertainment guy, Bill McCuddy, who proceeded to introduce a special guest weather announcer–a young blonde woman who’d just been named the Penthouse Pet of the Year.

Excuse me?

It’s not that Sharon and I buy everything that spews from our television, even from “fair and balanced” Fox. We’re fully aware that Mr. Murdoch has an agenda, just like the groups behind the other networks.

Still, featuring a porn starlet–on a Sunday morning!–on what purports to be a serious news operation is just more proof that what passes for “journalism” on TV is just eye candy to distract us from what’s really happening.


2 responses to “What’s Up With Fox News?

  1. Rats! I missed it! 😀

  2. Fox and Friends Morning show is fluff.
    O’Rielly is too much.
    Even ShepSmith’s show gets too loud.
    I’ve been tuning our FoxyNews after watching it for years. I listen to and Hour of BBC Radio about 4 times a week, I check Google news several times daily. I would unplug my TV if not for a few shows on cartoon network.

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