Russian “Military Advisers” in the Gaza Strip

It’s not hard to read end times prophecy into this bit of news:

The Egyptians and Palestinians deliberately opened the Rafah border crossing from Sinai to Gaza on Yom Kippur Thursday, Oct. 13 — this time not just for illicit Palestinian and weapons traffic, but to let in 15 Russian intelligence officers. Officially described as “military advisers” to train Palestinian security forces, their arrival floored Israel.

DEBKAfile’s military sources say this is a landmark, the first Russian military presence in a Palestinian war zone against Israel. It also represented another flagrant Egyptian violation of its commitments under the new military protocols it signed with Israel to bar the Philadelphi border crossing to foreign military personnel.
Israel has not reacted to the violation because since its pullout from the Gazan-Egyptian border region a month ago, it has lost all control of the unbridled activity permitted by Cairo in defiance of all the accords it signed with Jerusalem. However the insertion of Russian military advisers to a Palestinian-Israeli flashpoint zone undoubtedly came up in the talks US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice held in Moscow Saturday, Oct. 15.
Moscow is clearly in mid-momentum of a fresh Middle East initiative. Putin has promised the Palestinian Authority in Gaza 1,000 armored personnel carriers. He is also going through with the sale of the state of the art Iskander SS-26 surface missiles [to Syria], as first disclosed by DEBKA-Net-Weekly 224 on Sept 30.

Iskander SS-26: Too fast and flexible for known electronic defenses to stop

The balance of power in the region is shifting like the sands of the Negev, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that events are moving now toward a very dangerous end game.


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