Golly, Ain’t This Strange?

Three Cat 5 storms in the Gulf of Mexico in one year, including two of the three most intense hurricanes on record! And this one grew from a nothing to the strongest ever in 24 hours! But it’s all just…natural — right?

Hurricane Wilma rapidly gained strength overnight and is now a category 5 storm! A recon plane found a pressure of 892 mb around 2:30 this morning, then 884 mb around 5 a.m., ranking Wilma as the most intense hurricane to ever be recorded in the Atlantic basin!

It is also the fastest intensification of any hurricane in recorded history. Wilma is packing winds over 175 mph, with higher gusts. AccuWeather.com Senior Hurricane Expert Joe Bastardi says it is a very compact storm, with an eye just 4 miles wide and hurricane force winds extending outward only 15 miles from center.

A jumped-up tropical storm, hitting Cat 5 less than 18 hours after it’s declared a hurricane. Gee, some weird weather we’re having, eh?


One response to “Golly, Ain’t This Strange?

  1. Just rode out the wilma storm here in miami. It moved through in half a day, then sunshine, but she tore up miami. Most of the city has no power and they say it will be up to 4 weeks to completely restore it.

    Of course they got mine on right away due to the importance of my blogging and all. lol. I was one of the lucky 10% that got power back the next day.

    Chris McElroy,

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