Weather Weapon Wilma

TS Wilma with \"steering\" pattern

A still from the University of Wisconsin 24 hour satellite loop for TS Wilma as of October 18

The image to the left reveals a red, anomalous pattern that keeps showing up in the University of Wisconsin’s satellite imagery.

Is Wilma being deliberately stalled to give it time to strengthen over the warm water of the southern Gulf? Check out the entire loop at Wisconsin’s MIMIC site.

Now see these stills from MIMIC infrared images:

Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita just before veering to the north and missing Houston

Hurricane Ophelia

Hurricane Ophelia just before veering out to sea and missing North Carolina


4 responses to “Weather Weapon Wilma

  1. Clive Cussler’s latest NUMA Files novel “Polar Shift” features technology supposedly
    developed during WWII that uses electromagnetism (along the lines of Tesla) to make changes
    in the Earth’s magnetic field and the …magma? under the earth’s crust.
    One of the effects this has is to **create massive hurricanes**, rogue waves, and
    giant whirlpools away from where whirlpools usually form. Although there’s no mention of the
    ability to control or direct these events once they start.
    The basis of the novel is using this technology to trigger, or quicken the arrival of
    a polar shift – or two polar shifts: a magnetic polar shift and an earth-crust displacement
    of the actual poles.

    Pretty good book.

  2. Hmm. We probably need to talk with Scott Stevens, the meteorologist who’s researching weather control. Cussler is probably not too far out there.

  3. As of this morning, this storm is now a catastrophic cat-5! With the lowest pressure ever recorded in an Atlantic storm!
    It would seem that those weather control devices are working (or maybe out of control?)

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