After Katrina: Report from Bay Saint Louis

Blogger John Wilkerson of bezahlt(dot)org has traveled from Troy, New York to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi with about a hundred church volunteers to help with cleanup in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He reports that volunteers are basically divided into chain saw/roof tarp/cleanup and shelter/food service teams.

John is in Mississippi all week, and he’ll report periodically via cell phone to his Double Minded Man audio blog.

He tells us volunteers are serving between 500 and 1,500 people per meal. Cleanup will be a long process as most of the homes in Bay Saint Louis were destroyed or damaged beyond repair. The damage, he says, is much worse than we’ve seen on TV.

27 of the 29 officers on the Bay Saint Louis police force lost their homes and are sleeping at the police/fire station. Most of them have no uniform and many have lost their firearm. John was part of a team that drove eight hours today to bring half a dozen old police cruisers donated by the Choctaw Indian nation to Bay Saint Louis so officers there would have transportation.

The Air Force is providing Internet access and computers so residents can communicate with the outside world.

In his first audio report, John shares his thoughts on seeing the devastation of southern Mississippi for the first time (1 min 16 sec, 216kb).


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