Armageddon Strain Praised

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m my wife’s Number One Fan. (Of course, she’s pretty easy to root for.) So it’s gratifying when others catch on that she’s really good at what she does:

The second book in Sharon Gilbert’s Mytharc series reads like today’s (and possibly even more frightening, tomorrow’s) headlines. A flu pandemic as a catalyst for global government? A string of geneticists mysteriously dying like flies? If one didn’t know Sharon had independently published this book in 2003 before it was optioned by Whitaker house this year, it would be easy to believe that a novel of such contemporary insights was written as a reflection of recent headlines. No wonder once referred to Sharon as a prophetess.

One thing is certain. You’ll never take a flu shot for granted again. Imagine germ warfare combining bird flu with Ebola that goes to work in minutes!

Coming from Tom Horn, publisher of Raiders News Update, that’s high praise. The Ahriman Gate, by Tom and his wife Nita, features technology and inside information that’s made someone in the government uncomfortable; someone apparently tried to jam the shortwave signal during at least one of Tom’s recent interviews on the Steve Quayle’s radio program.

If Tom thinks Sharon has a gift for looking ahead and seeing what’s coming, then she’s on the right track. I don’t know whether to be glad or worried.


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