Evacuees Not Coming to Oklahoma

An update on the report I posted below on the WWII detainment camp feel of a Southern Baptist youth camp in Oklahoma. It looks like the 3,000 evacuees they expected aren’t coming after all:

State officials have been waiting for evacuees to arrive at the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center near Davis since Monday. The center was set up to handle 3,000 evacuees.

Michelann Ooten, spokeswoman for the state Emergency Management Department, said FEMA has told the state to “stand down” and that there would not be further transfers of evacuees from Texas to other states because most wanted to stay there.

Meanwhile, about 1,500 evacuees were being housed at Camp Gruber, a National Guard training center outside Muskogee.

No wonder the evacuees want to stay put. I would, too, if the armed guards hustling people to waiting trucks, buses, and airplanes refused to tell me where I was being taken.


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