Evacuees Flown Out of New Orleans Not Told Where They Were Going

This is disturbing–people are being flown out of New Orleans without being told where they’re headed:

Jervis Bergeron lost his home to Hurricane Katrina. He lost his dignity looting for food and water. He lost track of his family in the chaos that ensued as rescuers evacuated New Orleans.

Now he has lost his bearings.

“I knew where Utah was, but nobody told me that’s where we were going. Nothing personal. It’s nice. But I don’t know anybody here,” said Bergeron, among the first batch of 152 evacuees to arrive at the Camp Williams Utah Army National Guard training site.

Like others who arrived in smaller military planes, Bergeron wasn’t told where he was headed when he boarded the JetBlue airliner Saturday at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. In fact, great pains were taken to keep their destination secret.

National Guard officials asked a reporter and photographer aboard two separate military planes not to identify their news organizations or tell the refugees where the planes were going. They explained some refugees on earlier flights complained or refused evacuation when told where they were going.

Since it appears that evacuees won’t be allowed to go anywhere for at least five months, I think the courtesy of an answer is the least they should expect.


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