Remember This

The next time you see New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on TV complaining about the government’s failure to help, remember this photo:

New Orleans buses

And then ask: Why didn’t Mayor Nagin use his city’s school buses to carry people to safety when he ordered his “mandatory” evacuation?


3 responses to “Remember This

  1. Isn’t it interesting that Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco has still not declared a state of emergency, which is keeping the federal government from directing activities there, yet the MSM persists in blaming FEMA and President Bush for not doing enough quickly enough. Yesterday, she finally declared a health state of emergency. I don’t think this lady is up to the job. Why don’t the media mention that?

  2. Actually, Gov. Blanco did declare a state of emergency on August 26, three days before landfall. However, she did appear to have a “deer in the headlights” look every time I saw her and most of the comments I’ve read about her performance have not been kind.

  3. These liberals playing the “Blame Bush” game make me literally sick to my stomach. I just about threw the newspaper across the table this morning when I saw this political cartoon. I think that Day By Day really got it right, and the picture above of one flooded, useless school bus after another ought to be made into the official symbol of the Democratic party.

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