Call me cynical. I decided to look in on the website of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston. If the Astrodome, with a seating capacity of 60,000 or so, can take in 25,000 refugees from New Orleans, then Lakewood, which holds church in the former arena of the Houston Rockets, could probably hold 6,000 or so.

While looking to see how Lakewood plans to help, I noticed a badge at the bottom of Lakewood’s web pages that reads “Powered by Convio”. I was curious. Lakewood’s website is well-designed and very professional, so I clicked the badge on the chance that Convio was a content management system I hadn’t heard of.

Convio’s site lists the company’s specialties:

  • Fundraising & Donations
  • Event Fundraising
  • Advocacy
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Content Management
  • Email Marketing

So I guess content management is one thing Convio does, but the focus seems to be on funds, commerce, and marketing.

Can we assume that this is also the focus of Lakewood Church?

Add: John at Bezahlt(dot)org adds his thoughts on Katrina, which track with mine.


2 responses to “Priorities

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  2. What Can I Do?

    If you are human, you probably cannot ignore the nonstop pictures coming from the Gulf of Mexico every time you turn on the news. I occasionally get overloaded and have to turn it off. Then I think about the fact that the people who have been displaced by the storm or who are currently still awaiting rescue can’t turn it off. They are living it every day, and conditions are getting worse.

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