God Bless Bezahlt(dot)Org

John Wilkerson took me by surprise this week by submitting a request for help on our behalf as his post for this week’s Christian Carnival:

Okay folks, Derek Gilbert has been going through some tough times lately. His father just passed away and he came home to some damage from a storm.

As Christians, it?s our responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters in Christ. So let?s get the ball rolling and help him!

What a blessing! With God (and friends like John) for us, who can stand against us?

Truth be told, however, our homeowner’s insurance should cover the bulk of the expense. No one was hurt here and the damage to our home was minimal.

There are, however, people who truly need help, people my late father was committed to serving, despite a multitude of physical ailments, during the final years of his life.

If you feel inclined to help someone in need, I suggest the food pantry at Mom and Dad’s church. So far this year, it has provided food to between 2,500 and 3,000 families a month in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

Here is the contact information if you care to contribute:

c/o Messiah Lutheran Church
1100 Log Shoals Road
Mauldin, SC 29662

(864) 963-4549 Telephone
(864) 963-5769 Fax

Checks should be made out to Messiah Lutheran Church and marked ?For God?s Pantry?.

Thank you. And thank you, John, for demonstrating what Christian love is all about.


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