We’re Through the Looking Glass Here, People

From Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network:

For over an hour today, I interviewed the eyewitness to the incident that took place just outside of Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on July 13, 2005. For those who do not know the story, a man claimed to have seen three Middle Eastern males standing outside of a vehicle parked near the Tinker AFB property. One of the men was holding what appeared to be a 4-6??? long olive or drab green tube resembling a rocket launcher or shoulder-fired missile launcher at shoulder height.

A second man was holding a camera, while the third appeared to be watching the surroundings. Without a doubt, the men were obviously out of place and acting in a very suspicious manner. This witness told me other facts as well, many that I was able to substantiate through independent investigation.
After he related the incident to me, he stated that his life would never be the same because of this incident. Not because this incident left an indelible impression on him from three menacing looking Middle Eastern males holding what appeared to be a missile launcher, but for what happed afterward.

After providing all the facts to the proper authorities, the federal authorities began to interview him. Then the interviews graduated to interrogations, and from there, outright harassment. Not only harassment of him, but of his family, friends and business associates. The federal authorities told him that he ???did not see what he witnessed???

Did this witness almost stumble onto another TWA Flight 800 incident? Why are the authorities threatening him?

Sharon and I will interview military analyst Sean Osborne of the Northeast Intelligence Network for P.I.D. Radio soon. Something here is very wrong.


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