Bill Frist Sells Soul to Run For President

I can’t think of another explanation that makes sense of this 180-degree turn:

In a break with President Bush, the Senate Republican leader, Bill Frist, has decided to support a bill to expand federal financing for embryonic stem cell research, a move that could push it closer to passage and force a confrontation with the White House, which is threatening to veto the measure.

Let’s review: Adult stem cell therapies now offer over four dozen treatments for diseases. Embryonic stem cells cause malignant cancer.

Hey, maybe injecting mice with embryonic stem cells is a new, environmentally friendly way to get rid of them around the house, seeing as how doing it in the lab kills them about 100% of the time.


One response to “Bill Frist Sells Soul to Run For President

  1. Bill Frist, in his speech announcing his break with the President over federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, said the following:

    I am pro-life. I believe human life begins at conception. It is at this moment that the organism is complete — yes, immature — but complete. An embryo is nascent human life. It?˘??s genetically distinct. And it?˘??s biologically human. It?˘??s living. This position is consistent with my faith. But, to me, it isn?˘??t just a matter of faith. It?˘??s a fact of science….

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