Sick of Natalee Holloway

I mean no disrespect to her family, and I can’t imagine the agony of waking up each morning and remembering that my daughter is still gone.

It’s a sad comment on our society, however, that real news–stuff that will actually affect us–is shoved aside for sensational stories like the disappearance of Ms. Holloway.

Where are the stories on avian flu? On the implementation of the Total Surveillance State? Or on the remarkable coincidence that Rudy Giuliani happened to be participating in terror drills in London and New York on 7/7 and 9/11?

No, for the last hour, Fox has devoted about half its air time to tape of Natalee Holloway twirling her flag with her high school marching band. And the network’s ratings soar.


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  1. pretty girl killed in pretty place = reporters infesting said place.

  2. Natalie Holloway Media Circus goes on!

    And I?¢??m just sick of it!!!

    Though Natalee?¢??s mom, Beth Holloway Twitty, is understandably driven by grief, she is manipulating the media, indulging in intrusive outward demonstrations, such as imposing her ?¢??Hope for Natalee?¢?? bracelets upon all resigned Arubans within camera range; plastering posters all over the place even inside what appears to be the foyer of a private home in Aruba; walking all about Aruba, stopping unsuspecting strangers, and interrupting children at play, asking them if they know about Natalee,?¢??s whereabouts as if they would really know; then shown sitting demurely amongst her daughter?¢??s belongings in the same hotel room that was Natalee?¢??s; walking around the house, and showing us Natalee?¢??s room, back in her her home in Alabama; all in front of the ?¢??ubiquitous?¢?? camera following her relentlessly! Making of all it, a ratings driven, ?¢??News TV Reality Show,?¢?? specially on Fox!

    Most Arubans, understandably, endure all these ?¢??made for TV?¢?? demonstrations, with condescending smiles, and copious amounts of courtesy, but no amount of courtesy can dull the sparkle in their eyes betraying their feelings of ?¢??can you believe this lady??¢??

    Now, after over sixty days of Natalee?¢??s disappearance, in a new media publicity blitz, Natalee?¢??s parents are offering a million dollar reward for information leading to her ?¢??safe?¢?? return, while only one hundred thousand dollars are being offered for information leading to her whereabouts (the recovery of her remains). I would suppose, it was rather more difficult to get the backing from donors for the one hundred thousand dollar reward, than for the million dollar one. Fat chance that one will be collected!

    What is really sad, is that this tragedy could have easily been averted. A bit of common sense, and parental discretion, would have gone a long way in avoiding this incident from ever happening.

    Beth Holloway Twitty?¢??s decision to unleash her daughter (no matter how level-headed, trustworthy, and deserving she was, which apparently she wasn?¢??t, and how much she may have wanted to join her classmates) into this Aruba ?¢??Girls Gone Wild?¢?? environment fraught with alcohol, readily available drugs, and plentiful gonads, with little or no supervision, was an accident waiting to happen at best, aside from any foul play.

    That she would have died in a car accident because a Kalpoe, or Van Der Sloot, drunk, and or on drugs, would have slammed their car into a light post thereby killing her, would not have made this less of a tragedy, which is the result of bad judgement, firstly on the part of Beth, for letting her daughter go, and secondly on the part of Natalee, for getting in a car with three young men she barely knew. What was she expecting of them, to play patty cake
    with her?

    With terrorist attacks taking place, in London, Turkey, and Russia, the war in Iraq, the Irani and the Korean nuclear threats, and many other developments taking place around the world, and in Washington, that will potentially alter all of our lives, to have this kind of 24/7 news barrage focused on the disappearance of a this unfortunate girl, at the expense of other developments is improper, and immoral!

    In the weeks previous to the London terrorist attacks all that could be seen on the news media, and specially on Fox News, was about Aruba and the many spins on Natalee?¢??s disappearance, at the expense of other news.

    Natalee Holloway?¢??s countenance, must be the single most recognized visage in history! Her senior class picture flashing incessantly, day after day, from TV screens, computer monitors, and print media, in our collective faces. But why stop the intrusiveness there? I can almost picture her on the face of a US commemorative postage stamp! And if her face could not launch a thousand ships, at least it managed to launch three F-16s.

    I was hoping after the London bombings, and the media?¢??s attention had been diverted to the events unfolding there, that Natalee?¢??s disappearance would have been put in perspective by the media, and quietly relegated to a back burner, only to be revisited when any significant developments had taken place as the on-going investigation unfolds, but I was wrong.
    On Fox, The O?¢??Reilly Factor touches on the subject at least twice each night. Hannity and Colmes on average, devotes three segments of their show to Aruba nightly, with the consequent interview of several members of Natalee?¢??s family, redundant interviews of reporters with nothing new to add to the known facts, and with sundry Aruban officials, local lawyers, search team members, etc, etc, all of them, again, spinning on conjectures, hear-says, and possible scenarios, but with no new facts to add to the case.

    And Greta, the official Natalee Holloway news hour show, is back ?¢??On the Aruba with Greta Van Susteren Der Sloot?¢?? (forgive the very appropiate pun), with bigger helpings of all of the above!. As a result, I don?¢??t even wait to see what is coming up on Greta, but just switch the channel!

    I switch to CNN, and lo and behold, Nancy Grace is the ?¢??Master of Ceremonies?¢?? of a three ring “tabloid” circus on Natalee?¢??s disappearance, joined by a panel of lawyers, forensic pathologists, palmists, psychics, and other experts, all of who after much disagreement, and extensive, erudite dissertation, can only agree on the fact, that for all their expertise, after all is said and done, they don?¢??t know any more about the subject today, than they did yesterday, and than the rest of us do. Then, of course, comes the interviews, again, and again, with every member of Natalee?¢??s family, friends, and other members of their entourage ad nauseam.

    I watch in disbelief! What sense is there in repeatedly having interviews with several different family members on the same show, on the same day, asking them all the same questions, to which they all, unequivocally, make the same answers? The only members of Natalee?¢??s family the media has not interviewed so far, are the family pets, and I?¢??m not even so sure on that one (have to check the programming on Animal Planet)!!!

    While all of this ?¢??Natalee Holloway / Aruba?¢?? coverage is taking place, there have been terrorist attacks taking place in London, Turkey, and Russia; Marines are getting killed in unprecedented numbers in Iraq; Bolton has been Appointed Ambassador to the UN; Judge Roberts is being further scrutinized by the Dems; the Six Party Talks about North Korean nukes seems to be stalling, China, and Russia. announce joint military exercises, and new sales of arms to China by the Russians, and even, ironically, forty other, young American men, and women, who have gone missing in Nuevo Laredo, right across the border, many of whom are feared victims of kidnaps, are still missing amidst the atmosphere of lawlessness prevalent in that Mexican town, and no one seems to be doing anything about it! And while all this is going on, we have to sit through hours of Natalee home movies, showing her twirling her baton in some High School event, or listening to Beth Holloway Twitty, or ?¢??Jughead?¢?? Twitty being interviewed for the umpteen time with nothing new to say, day, after day, after day….!!!

    How come we are, lavishing all this unfettered barrage of media attention, and air time, to the coverage of the disappearance of just this one young woman???

    Again, other events are taking place around the world, many of which will affect all our lives, shouldn?¢??t the media be focusing on them at this juncture, rather than on Natalee Holloway, and Aruba? And if, God forbid, her disappearance remains unsolved, for how long will we have to endure this never-ending Natalee Holloway coverage?

    When is enough Natalee Holloway coverage, enough? Apparently there is no end in sight!!!

    Althor, a discouraged viewer.

  3. Those of you who enjoyed Althor’s post should come on over
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    Althor, we’d love to have you! You’d feel right at home. 🙂

  4. Amen, Althor. As terrible as the tragedy is, the unspoken truth on TV is that Miss Holloway was allowed to be in a situation that probably got her killed.

  5. I am not alone! I thought I was the only person who thought
    this story has gone way too far for media attention.
    I can understand a Mother desperate and trying all she can
    to find a missing child…but we have been assaulted by the media
    way too long.
    I can’t even stand to watch or even listen to Greta.
    Nancy G is getting on my nerves also.
    There is no news in this story any longer.
    I think FOX bought in to it and now they don’t know how to tell
    this mother that they need to pull the cameras because they are
    losing viewers.

  6. I completely agree with the original post. Fortunately people are rising up against this media obsession. is the front line against this garbage, proactively getting people involved to take back primetime news coverage.

    Google “Holloway” and you get sites proclaiming the same message. These are good signs.

    -Ashton Marks
    Staff, FTM

  7. Every day for over two months now, we have been relentlessly bombarded with the ever-present coverage on most, if not all, of the TV news outlets of the Natalee Holloway disappearance in Aruba.

    In a case with very little ?¢??hard?¢?? evidence, and lacking in any significant developments for quite a while, it seems extraordinary that all these networks would be devoting so much of their ?¢??prime time?¢??, and overall air-time to its coverage.

    Intrigued by what drives this phenomenon, which is arguably the greatest ?¢??media circus event?¢?? in television history, I have delved into the matter, and tried to find out what forces are at work that keep this non-story alive, and why some people seem to be fascinated by this Natalee Holloway fiasco.

    The Fox News network, has been one of the major news outlets which has devoted an inordinate amount of time to its coverage, prompting some liberals, and left-wingers, to accuse Fox News of purposely driving this story so as to divert attention from the mounting casualties in Iraq, the President’s dropping numbers in the polls, and other events in Washington, namely “Karl Rove”.

    But after researching the matter I have concluded that this is not so, and that the reasons for Fox?¢??s patently over-the-top coverage of the story are more mundane in nature.

    The Natalee Holloway “media extravaganza” frenzy, is not been driven by “political affiliations”, but by good old ?¢??ratings?¢??.

    Sadly, one more time, it is the pocket book, and not principles, or ideals of any sort, which take precedent!

    These ?¢??ratings?¢?? in turn, are been driven by a sector of the population that seems enthralled with Beth Holloway Twitty?¢??s (Natalee?¢??s mom, for those who may impossibly not know her at this point) on-going ?¢??TV reality show?¢?? antics, and the ?¢??soap opera melodrama?¢?? atmosphere surrounding the case!

    It is interesting to note from some preliminary polling, that it seems that a substantial part of the sector of the population fueling this Natalee Holloway media frenzy, is made up of hordes of disillusioned, neurotic, overweight, women, divorced, or married several times, hungering for affection, and attention, and a sense of belonging, who, yes, demographically do exist in greater numbers in trailer parks all throughout the more rural parts of America; many of which have nothing better to do all day than medicate the “hypochondriac illness of the month”, sitting all day in front of the TV, popping pills, eating “twinkies”, and blogging “chain-prayers” on the web for Natalee.

    Let’s face it, this is the most compelling drama/adventure/mystery event they have seen on TV in quite a while (well, or at least since the Michael Jackson “Monkey Trial”), since if it wasn’t for Natalee, and Beth, they’d be watching the “Home Shopping Network”, and they do identify with the victim (“Poo’ lil’ ole’ me! After I gave them all three, the best years of my life that night!).

    Verstehen Sie?


  8. I cannot fatham the idea of my child missing or even worse the possibility of my child
    being dead. I can’t even imagine what the family of Natalie Holloway is going through.
    What everyone needs to remember here is that the family needs the media to help in the search
    of their daughter. It’s not manipulation of the media, it is all they have! They have been
    patient with the screw ups that have been going on in Aruba during this whole case. It’s not
    like the Aruba police really gave a crap in the beginning. The police chief is best friends
    with the suspected murderers father. How would you react. What would you do? Going to the
    media helped them put a fire under Aruba’s butt, along with many other facts that got
    out in the open that just weren’t right or proper procedure for the way a case should be
    handled. That’s why finally the FBI got involved. And now, the suspects lawyers are trying
    to keep things from the FBI and get them off the case, but why would they be doing that if their
    clients were really innocent. Ahhh, because they are NOT innocent and they know that info they
    originally withheld will eventually come out and everyone will hear it and Aruba will not be
    such a great tourist attraction anymore and they will lose all the tourist money they get in
    from us Americans. Who would want to go to Aruba at all after their display of lack of
    reaction to this particular case. Could it be because the police chief is loyal to the
    van der sloot family? Their friendship is known to all. The three suspects had two weeks
    to destroy and get rid of all the evidence and coordinate their stories from the get go.
    The van der sloot father is a well known and respected lawyer in Aruba who was going to be
    a judge…..put it all together people, there is a cover-up here!!!! Come on, how brilliant
    does one have to be. The media needs to stay on this story, they need to have it front and
    center as to not forget or let anyone forget, even Aruba, that we will not let up till the
    Holloway family has their child back home. What parent wouldn’t use whatever they could get
    their hands on to get the perpatrators behind bars. What parent wouldn’t want the help of
    anyone, everyone – if it would give them a chance for someone to hear or notice and supply
    some information on Natalie’s where abouts. What parent wouldn’t want to use the news media
    to send out their desperate plea for the return of their daughter’s body. They just want
    to bring her home. For God sakes, allow the family that. As a parent myself, I think the
    parents of Natalie have restrained themselves so much. I would want to unleash all my
    frustrations, hate and anger onto those three suspects for doing this to my daughter.
    They have all ready admitted that they had sex with her. You know they raped her! All you
    can imagine is the horror of what that girl must have gone through. What did they do to
    her. That’s your baby. What would you do if you were a parent?! What would you want done?
    You would want the police to get off their a** and do something about it. But for two weeks
    they didn’t do anything worth while. Not what they should have done anyway.
    As a parent you want justice and you want to see those bastards behind bars….even
    van der sloot’s father, because you know he is coaching his son.
    We may never know what truly happened, but without the media getting involved like they have
    and without Beth going to the media, some of this information would have never been out in the
    open and we wouldn’t have known about all the things that we do now.
    The media has to continue, its the only way to get Aruba to react. It has to apply the
    pressure to Aruba. Then maybe someone, somewhere will crack and talk and the truth will
    finally be known.

  9. Dear Marwin,

    No parent can fathom the idea of their child missing, or even less of that child dying, and everyone can empathize with what any parent in Beth Holloway Twitty?¢??s position has been going through.

    As I have pointed out before, it is understandable that Beth Holloway Twitty would avail herself of all available means at her disposal to find answers, and her daughter. But the media has the responsibility to remain impartial, objective, and balanced!

    Other teenagers, and other persons are still missing, or have gone missing since this ?¢??Natalee Holloway Soap Opera Melodrama?¢?? began, and the media has given little if any exposure to their disappearance. Have you heard about the missing pregnant, young, Philadelphia woman again on the news? It?¢??s only been three weeks, but no, you no longer hear about her! What about Brenda Y. Cisneros, who went missing in Nuevo Laredo shortly after Natalee?¢??s disappearance? No, you never heard about her in the news in the first place! Is this fair?!?!

    Do you think the parents of these others can fathom any less, or any more the loss of their child, than Beth, or you would???

    When last Christmas the Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean basin wiped out entire villages killing over two hundred thousand human beings, and affecting millions of others, the networks actively covered the aftermath of the tragedy, the socio-political implications of the disaster, as well as the relief, and reconstruction efforts, for nearly a month, but the Tsunami did not remain the main focus of two hours of ?¢??prime time?¢?? coverage on several networks every night, night after night for over two months, nor did its coverage eclipse that of other important, and significant news and developments taking place at the time around the world, as the Natalee Holloway case has!

    Are we to infer from this, that the life of this one girl, is more important to us than the life of all those other two hundred thousand who died????

    It is understandable that it may be so to Beth, her mother; but it ought not to be to us as a Nation. Natalee?¢??s disappearance has to be placed in its proper perspective!!!

    Natalee?¢??s disappearance, when it happened, was news, and as such it merited to be reported; but after two months of very little ?¢??hard?¢?? evidence, and few significant developments; endlessly interviewing Beth and her cronies on ?¢??prime time?¢?? for two hours every night, hashing, and rehashing stale old fact, the same old baseless allegations she has previously made, unsubstantiated rumors, and all sorts of hear say; is just like a dog going over, and over his own vomit, and it?¢??s nauseating!

    Every bit of garbage found in Aruba is immediately hyped by the media as a ?¢??crucial bit of evidence that will break the case,?¢?? and of course, after close scrutiny, they all invariably turn out to be nothing more nor less than pieces of garbage! So it was with the ?¢??hair on the tape,?¢?? and now the ?¢??belt?¢?? fiascos.

    On what grounds do you base your assertions ?¢??that at the beginning the Aruban authorities didn?¢??t give a crap??¢??

    Aruba is a sovereign Nation. Its law enforcement, and Judicial proceedings having descended from Dutch law and practices, not from English Common Law as ours have, are markedly different. Unfortunately, and however we may disagree with it or dislike it, this tragic incident took place on foreign soil, their laws, and judicial proceedings are different from ours, and we have to wait for Aruban authorities, however incompetent they may seem to us, to conclude their investigations, and proceedings. Harping about it in a media circus every day, if anything, seems rather to generate negative reactions than to help, as witnessed in the recent protests in Aruba.

    They may not have been as diligent as Beth, or many of us may have liked. After all, we are used to the 60 minute ?¢??crime shows?¢?? on TV, where the crime is committed, investigated, solved, and adjudicated, all in 60 minutes! But we have no right to impose our ?¢??expectations?¢?? on them, or question their methods, and procedures.

    Let me correct an inaccuracy Marwin, the Police Chief who is a personal friend of Paulus Van Der Sloot, about whom you referred, recluse himself from the case from the onset of the investigation, as soon as Joran was held for questioning as a suspect, and has remained so. Other officials are in charge of the investigation in his place. Also several of the judges Presiding have been brought from neighboring Curacao, in order to assure the impartiality of the proceedings. Now what more do you want from Aruban authorities? Within their limitations they are doing
    all they can!

    From the very beginning actual ?¢??hard?¢?? evidence has been scant in this case. The Dutch practice of withholding information to protect the integrity of a possible prosecution of the suspects, has resulted in information not being forthcoming from investigators, and authorities, in a pace fast enough to suit Beth, or the taste of the ?¢??ravenous ?¢?? American news media, both of whom in turn have made of unsubstantiated rumors, allegations, and suppositions, the daily staple of the claims of the one , and the endless barrage of sensationalist reports of the other!!!

    Now, the sad truth of the matter is that at this point the investigation has hit a wall! No new evidence has surfaced lately; there is no forensic evidence to link Joran or any other suspect directly to Natalee?¢??s disappearance, only circumstantial evidence; said evidence is weak, and limited to one of association (since the three boys are the last people known to have been seen with Natalee), and of inconsistencies (or so called ?¢??lies?¢??) in their statements made to Police, which could very well simply be the result of stress, after repeatedly going through 14 hour periods of relentless interrogation every day for nearly two months; and there?¢??s still no body!

    Now, Beth knows this, and since in her mind she has already found Joran, and the Kalpoe brothers guilty, and become their prosecutor, judge, and executioner, regardless of the evidence or their gulit, she has become increasingly more shrill, paranoiac, and obsessive; as always, followed by the ?¢??ubiquitous?¢?? camera; scripting her actions and those of her entourage, and staging ?¢??news media events?¢?? like her recent confrontation with Deepak Kalpoe at the Internet Cafe; to the point where she has turned her daughter?¢??s loss into nothing more than a ?¢??News TV Reality Show.?¢?? It is sad!

    At this point Marwin, and after over two months of intense criticism, loads of negative publicity, calls for boycotts on the radio, and all the frenzy, and hype surrounding Aruba, I don?¢??t believe that there is anything left, with which Beth, or the media, could further harm the Tourism Industry, or the people of Aruba!!!

    They have done all the harm that was in their power to do! So that your suggestions of further penalizing Aruba, and the Aruban people, unless they find your ?¢??precious?¢?? Natalee is naught but a moot exercise in redundancy!

    As a matter of fact, Beth should be grateful, that as ?¢??in your face,?¢?? and ?¢??obnoxious?¢?? as she increasingly is, while the authorities carry out the on-going investigation, and with all the negative publicity she has elicited for Aruba, with her on-going ?¢??Media Circus Melodrama;?¢?? that Arubans have had the restrain, courtesy, and consideration, not to boot her, and her entourage, off the island as ?¢??personas non grata,?¢??
    which in my opinion, long ago they should have!

    Now, as another blogger stated in a very well thought-out piece, that ?¢??…in a missing person?¢??s case, the information that seems essential, would initially be that furnished by family, and friends,?¢?? at the outset of this tragedy we were told, that Natalee?¢??s roommates, would not accede to being interviewed, on account that they had been asked not to do so by the FBI (absurd, since at that stage it was solely an Aruban investigation), until the on-going investigation would be completed.

    Now information has surfaced that indicates, that it was Beth Holloway Twitty who had asked the girls not to comment on the particulars of the events taking place in Aruba on the night of her daughter?¢??s disappearance, in particular as pertaining to her behavior.

    If this is true, why did Beth wanted them to lie? Perhaps, to be able to portray, her ?¢??innocent?¢??, ?¢??virtuous?¢??, daughter as the victim of a ?¢??dastardly deed”, ?¢??perpetrated?¢?? upon her by others, rather than a willing participant in the folly responsible for her

    All I know, is that on the few occasions, where Natalee?¢??s friends, and classmates have been interviewed on TV, their deportment has not been one, of someone distraught, and grieving for a missing friend, but rather one of fidgeting , evasiveness, and apparent complicity; lacking in emotion, as if concealing shame, or the knowledge that whatever happened, she had brought upon herself. How much do they know about what went on that day, that they are not telling?

    Yes, Natalee was an Honor Student. But pray, what have her academic achievements to do with her sexual behavior, or wether she was sexually active, was promiscuous or not? And how does that precludes her from having been drunk, and or using drugs on the night she disappeared???

    Beth Holloway Twitty?¢??s decision to unleash her daughter (no matter how level-headed, trustworthy, and deserving she thought she was, and which apparently she wasn?¢??t, or how much she may have wanted to join her friends, and classmates) into this Aruban ?¢??Girls Gone Wild?¢?? environment fraught with ?¢??alcohol,?¢?? readily available ?¢??drugs,?¢?? and plentiful ?¢??gonads,?¢?? with little or no supervision (where were the ?¢??chaperones?¢?? that didn?¢??t stop Natalee from getting in that car with Joran, and the Kalpoes, the night she disappeared?) was an accident waiting to happen!

    Joran Van Der Sloot, and the Kalpoe brothers may be brats, and cads, but I seriously doubt, that at their age (Joran is 17, actually younger than Natalee) they would all three, be cold, premeditated murderers! If they were actually criminally involved in her disappearance, it most likely was the result of an accident, or mishap.

    I also find it illogical that they would have set out to rape Natalee. She was to them one more pretty foreign tourist girl, and having over 150 other partying, readily available (and possibly willing) candidates (Natalee?¢??s companions) they could?¢??ve ?¢??hit on,?¢?? it certainly would not seem worth the trouble, though I may be wrong

    Natalee stayed behind at Carlos & Charlie?¢??s, when her friends left, and was later seen leaving in the company of Joran, and the Kalpoe brothers. According to witnesses, she left the establishment apparently without being assisted, as would have been the case had she been drugged against her will (a drug placed in her drink) as has been suggested by some. This does not indicate, nor precludes, however, that she may not have been under the influences of drugs. The fact that she had been drinking throughout the night, although with no indication as to what extent, having been well established.

    She got into their car, apparently knowing full well that it wasn?¢??t a taxi (as some people have claimed she might have thought), since Joran, is reported to have been driving; and with enough presence of mind ( again, not drugged senseless against her will) to wave to some friends as she passed them in the car in their company, which seem to indicate she was aware of her surroundings, knew where and with whom she was, and most likely where she was going!

    This leads me to believe, that whatever fate may have befallen Natalee, it is probable that she was a willing participant in it, rather than a victim.

    We may never know what really happened.


  10. The bottom line is that the media has taken a legitimate tragedy and played it for ratings at the expense of real news.

    I want to make clear again that I empathize with Mrs. Holloway and her family as much as I’m able, by which I mean that I have no similar experience on which to draw. But the truth is that while Greta scoured the beaches of Aruba, the U.S. has constructed a large military base in Israel; India, Pakistan, and Iran have reached an agreement on a new gas pipeline (bypassing U.S.-controlled Pipelineistan–I mean, Afghanistan); and the probable appointment by President Bush of a fellow Skull-and-Bonesman (same graduating class, even!) to take over the supervision of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation into the Valerie Plame affair.

    Did any of that make the cable news networks? I don’t think so.

  11. I feel sorry for the Holloway family, but I am sick of her her mother. Natalie is not coming home, she is most likely dead. FOX news needs to do other stories. Mrs. Holloway needs to move on. There is nothing she can do to bring Natalie back to life. Get some counseling, and deal with it. That is what I have had to do. It is no fun, but it helps. There are other more WORTHY news stories and families out there. I hope the Holloways are able to deal with thier grief when it is over, because that girl is gone. She is not coming back home. Bill O’Reily said she was at the bottom of the ocean, and I agree with him. She was fish food a long time ago. Maybe next time young girls will think about getting shit faced drunk and getting into cars WILLINGLY with men they do not know. Maybe if her mother had warned her better she would still be here. These are comments I have heard all over the place, not just my opinion. She had no business drinking anyway.

  12. Natalee Holloway Is A Victim of Irresponsible Parenting
    By Dave Gibson (07/10/05)

    If Beth Holloway Twitty (Natalee’s mom) is looking to point the finger of blame for the tragic loss of her daughter–she need look no further than a mirror.

    She allowed her eighteen year-old daughter to celebrate her high school graduation, by taking a trip to ‘Sin Island.’ Thousands of young Americans choose Aruba as their party destination because they can legally drink and gamble and illegal drugs are so readily available. Over 70 percent of Aruba’s tourists are Americans.

    Natalee’s distraught mother has been roundly criticizing Aruban officials since her daughter disappeared on May 29th.

    It was discovered that Natalee had joined seventeen year-old Joran Van Der Sloot (no doubt for a late-night romp) on the night of her disappearance. Van Der Sloot along with two Surinamese brothers (Deepak Kalpoe, 21 and Satish Kalpoe,18) were arrested and questioned as to Natalee’s whereabouts. Only Van Der Sloot remains in custody.

    Joran Van Der Sloot is the son of an influential Dutch family living on the island. Paul Van Der Sloot is a member of the legal community and reported to be a ‘judge in training.’ The elder Van Der Sloot who was briefly detained in the investigation, reportedly told his son: “If there is no body, there is no case.”

    Natalee of course, is still missing and the case seems to have reached a stalemate. Aruban officials have refused to allow FBI investigators to play an active role in the case. Considering the Aruban government’s lack of experience with murder cases (there was on murder in Aruba last year), most of us find the refusal of help to be puzzling.

    However, Aruba’s beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters hide a sinister activity. Aruba has long been a jumping-off point for drug smugglers–bringing South American cocaine to the United States. Aruban and Dutch officials have largely accepted the role their tiny island plays in the drug trade. They do not want the FBI peering into their dirty laundry.

    Despite what many Americans believe, when we as U.S. citizens travel outside of the country–we no longer posses the rights granted us by our Constitution. We also become subject to the laws and unfortunately the corruption of foreign governments.

    Although a Dutch protectorate, Aruba is basically a banana republic. In addition to being a willing party in the international narco-trade, Aruban police are no doubt ill-prepared to conduct a serious murder investigation. However, it was not the government of Aruba who purchased a plane ticket for young Natalee. The bottom line is that it was her parents who allowed her to travel to a “Girls Gone Wild” environment.

    Natalee’s mom is beside herself with grief. She is also desperately seeking to place blame upon everyone…with the exception of herself. The fact that Natalee was allowed to travel to another country with little or (apparently) no adult supervision–is symptomatic of just how permissive many American parents have become.

    This article represents the first time I have heard Natalee’s parents publicly criticized for their role in this tragedy. The lack of responsibility placed upon her parents is another glaring example to the erosion of personal responsibility.

    One of the duties of a parent is to say “NO.” Unfortunately, more and more parents seem to find it impossible to utter that dread word. All too many parents now choose to be more of a buddy and lees of a parent to their children.

    The sad fact is, had Natalee Holloway’s parents said no to her request to visit an alcohol and drug-fueled paradise–young Natalee would now be preparing for her freshman year of college. Instead, her mom and dad are now searching for her lifeless body.

    Would you send your eighteen year-old daughter on a week of debauchery?

    (Nice, and very appropriate post by Mr. Gibson)


  13. Is ?¢??Media Gone Wild?¢?? over missing ?¢??Girl Gone Wild?¢?? finally calming down ( Watch out! The ?¢??Big Top?¢?? is falling!)?

    Well, unbelievably as it may sound the Natalee Holloway media circus may actually be grinding down to a halt, in spite of their best efforts by Beth Holloway Twitty and her camp, the pundits at Fox News, and Nancy Grace and other pundits at CNN, to feed, and keep the ratings generating media monster alive!

    As surprising as it may sound to those of us who have watched in dumbfounded amazement how Beth Holloway Twitty, and other members of her entourage, would be regularly interviewed, and Natalee?¢??s disappearance hashed, and rehashed, with nothing new to add to the scant facts known, nor being there any new significant developments to report, at least three times per show on Fox?¢??s prime time lineup: ?¢??Hannity & Colmes?¢??, ?¢??On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.?¢?? (who has actually devoted several whole programs to the subject and bragged about ?¢??owning?¢?? the coverage on the fiasco), and to a lesser extent on ?¢??Bill O?¢??Reilly,?¢?? and then on Nancy Grace on CNN, who like Greta, would usually devote her entire show mostly to speculations on Aruba, the number of ?¢??Beth / Aruba?¢?? interviews on said programs is actually declining!!!

    On his August 16th program Bill O?¢??Reilly on the pretext of ?¢??an update on the case?¢?? interviewed Beth?¢??s husband ?¢??Jughead?¢?? Twitty, and ?¢??Diario?¢?? editor Jossy Mansur (who long ago sold his journalistic soul to the Twitty camp, and the sensationalist media) on the ?¢??breaking development,?¢?? that there seemed to be no new ?¢??breaking developments?¢?? in the case! Jug made some half hearted comments concerning how he wasn?¢??t getting as much information about the investigation as he previously had received from Aruban authorities, and Jossy responded to a question about having any other ?¢??surprise witnesses?¢?? coming forth, with a vague reference to there not being other ?¢??gardeners?¢?? with testimony to give to the Aruban courts at the present time!

    To top it off, Bill, on his ?¢??Thursdays with Geraldo?¢?? segment on the following day, discussed the Natalee Holloway case with Geraldo Rivera, and both commented, or kept making reference to how the investigation seems to have ?¢??hit a brick wall.?¢?? Geraldo went as far as to assert that at this point extracting information about the case was like ?¢??trying to squeeze more juice out of a grape that had turned into a raisin?¢?? (I wonder if it was the relentless, over-the-top media over-exposure under the hot Aruban sun that sucked dry the case into a shriveled raisin!!!)

    At any rate, following the Factor, Hannity & Colmes only did one ?¢??Aruba?¢?? interview (miracle of miracles!), and Greta though touching on the subject a couple of times, did not devote her entire program to the case (as she has often done in the past), dispelling the pernicious rumors being bantered about, that it seemed Fox was under some kind of contract to interview Beth and her cronies ?¢??X?¢?? amount of times per day throughout their prime time programming, regardless of wether they had something new to add to the case or not (well, or at least apparently the contract is expiring!).

    On Larry King, world renowned Forensic Pathologist Dr. Henry Lee, even went as far as to assert that ?¢??the case had grown cold,?¢?? and that Beth?¢??s circus of volunteers, tourists on ?¢??Agatha Christy Mystery Solving Vacations?¢?? helping the search, teams of local volunteers, ?¢??Equusearch?¢?? members, private investigators, and other sundry search parties coming and going, had so dug-up, stumped, and trampled all over Aruba over any possible evidence in their mostly uncoordinated, unprofessional efforts, that in their zeal they had most likely destroyed any evidence the Aruban investigators may have found to actually break the case with! So much for Beth?¢??s Aruban circus!!!

    Then on Friday the 18th the Nancy Grace Show announced that tensions were running high in Aruba, and that there was ?¢??bickering,?¢?? and ?¢??in-fighting?¢?? amongst the ?¢??search and rescue?¢?? teams brought in by the Twittys to the island, which appear to be competing with each other, and getting in each other?¢??s way rather than enjoining in a consorted, coordinated effort (as if finding the remains of Natalee would be some kind of ?¢??trophy?¢??!) to the point where one of them is threatening to ?¢??sue?¢?? the other. How ridiculous does it have to get????

    How ironic that after so much criticism, and so many vile, and malicious attacks from the Twitty camp upon Aruban officials and investigators (of whom they often have publicly referred to as ?¢??unreliable,?¢?? and ?¢??inept,?¢?? since the very beginning of the investigation), for them now to be turning on each other with the selfsame viciousness, like a pack of rabid dogs, when facing failure!!!! ?¢??Poetic Justice?¢?? I should say!!!!

    If you couple this, to the many others who have joined the search in Aruba at the behest of Beth and her husband, who have brought into it such ?¢??advanced disciplines?¢??, and are relying upon such ?¢??high-tech?¢?? equipment as ?¢??Dowsing Sticks?¢??, ?¢??Talking Oracular Coffee Pots?¢??, ?¢??Mysterious Boxes?¢?? capable of pinpointing human remains down in 180 feet of water from 200 feet away on the shore, and the like, I honestly, and truly marvel how anyone could possibly get offended, that someone would label the sum total of all this flurry of ?¢??chaos?¢??, ?¢??activity,?¢?? and ?¢??extravaganza,?¢?? in conjunction to the ?¢??excessive,?¢?? and ?¢??inordinate?¢?? amount of media coverage it has been given for almost three months now, anything other than a ?¢??circus?¢?????? What else comes even close to resembling this menagerie, that you could possibly call it?!?!?

    So, unless the web ?¢??chain-prayers?¢?? of all those faithful followers of all things Natalee on ?¢??Nat?¢??s Place,?¢?? the ?¢??MSN Boards,?¢?? and other such sites on the web are answered, it seems that there will not be sufficient evidence to prosecute Joran, the Kalpoe brothers, or anyone for that matter in the case, and that come October the Aruban authorities will be forced to set Joran free, and Natalee?¢??s disappearance will remain unresolved. This, by the way, was also the opinion of no lesser a ?¢??Legal Luminary?¢??, and all-around ?¢??Master of Sensationalism?¢?? than Geraldo Rivera himself, in the aforementioned O?¢??Reilly interview! Things are beginning to unravel, and fall apart in Aruba!

    So, at last it seems this ?¢??media circus?¢??/?¢??soap opera melodrama?¢??/ ?¢??television news reality show?¢?? following Beth, her cronies, and their antics all over Aruba, which has hijacked our news channels for the last two moths, and captivated the banal attention of millions, will finally be coming to an end (about time!).

    Let us hope that television news coverage may not have been permanently damaged by these previous ?¢??Natalee Holloway/Aruba?¢?? excesses, and all the ?¢??extravaganza,?¢?? and that it gravitates back to some semblance of objectivity, journalistic integrity, and professionalism in future coverages, that once again we may focus on ?¢??real?¢?? news, and ?¢??issues,?¢?? affecting all of us as a Nation, and be able to get on with our collective lives!

    As for Natalee and Aruba, as in many folk tales concerning hauntings attributed to unresolved crimes, I will always look back with a certain amount of apprehension over my shoulder at my television set as I walk away while the news are on, lest the ?¢??phantasm?¢?? of Beth?¢??s image may come to haunt us like a wailing Banshee in her shrill voice once again, on our screens!!!


  14. Aruba Paper Calls Natalee Holloway an Indecent Young Woman
    Aruba daily publication A.M. Digital maligned Natalee Holloway and her Mother Beth Twitty in Friday’s issue and suggested the island needs to move on from the case in an extended piece with Psychologist Tony Green.
    ?¢??Frankly, we are tired of the Natalee Holloway story. It is as if it is the only important thing in life in this country.?¢??
    The psychologist went on to criticize Natalee herself, suggesting she was at fault in her own disappearance and possible murder and that Mother Beth Twitty cannot accept that Natalee was not a “decent” girl.
    ?¢??She gives the impression that a corrupt Aruba caused this to happen.?¢?? The psychologist emphasized that this cannot be ?¢??…further from the truth.?¢?? He also emphasized that if the young lady was as ?¢??decent?¢?? and ?¢??correct?¢?? as her parents paint her to be, today we would not be searching for her.
    ?¢??Decent and correct young ladies do not enter a car with people that they have just met in a strange country that they are visiting for the first time and certainly not in the wee hours of the morning and without knowing where they are going.?¢??
    Green remarks that he does not know any 18 year old, neither any 28 year old Aruban girl that would accept a ride from a stranger at midnight in Aruba, not to speak of, in a strange country.
    Green goes on to denounce both the chaperones on the trip for not being responsible, and suggests that American journalist Nancy Grace is ignorant and Aruba should not allow in any additional search teams – pronouncing the entire effort a “joke,” before suggesting the incident is actually good promotion for the island.
    ?¢??Beth Twitty must pack her bags and go home and let Aruba continue its job without her interference, or that of the US, or that of the countless search teams that wish to go on digging , and running around with barking dogs.?¢??
    ?¢??The immense fortune that this joke is costing Aruba is not justifiable in view of all the ridiculous propaganda that is being spread of Aruba by the US press. In spite of the negative propaganda that we are receiving, it still is good promotion for Aruba and will not affect us in the long run.?¢??
    This post is also available at Blogger News Network.

  15. Sickening, tired of it, Not interested in that story anymore at all!!

    The first post said it all, the never ending dance routines the grad pix etc etc etc…day after day after day!


    We have never rented so many DVD movies before because we refuse to have this garbage and that Beth Twit womans extremely annoying voice grace our home ever again!

    Grates against the nerves so bad.

    This woman has a free vacation on an island and still she whines against everyone and everything. Reminds me of the woman on the movie “Upside of Anger”.

    Who can sympathize with a woman that is that demanding. She hasn’t shown one bit of any emotion except anger. Hopefully the girl will be found and quick!

  16. Don’t you feel like sympathizing a bit with “Dave”, her first husband, now!?!?!
    No wonder he left her! We can always turn the TV off when we encounter her
    “shrill” voice while watching, but I don’t think he had that option!
    Lord have mercy!

    She blames everyone and everything… but herself! If she had used some
    “parental discretion”, and a bit of “common sense” Natalee would be alive

    Beth?¢??s decision to unleash her daughter, who had just turned eighteen,
    no matter how level-headed, trustworthy, and deserving she may have thought
    she was, or how much she may have wanted to join her classmates, into a
    ?¢??Girls Gone Wild?¢?? partying atmosphere, in the company of one hundred fifty
    other teenagers from her school, all of them drinking, dancing, some using
    drugs, sweaty, with plentiful gonads, exuding hormones, as must have been
    the situation at the Carlos & Charlie?¢??s that night, without proper
    supervision (yes, one has to ask where were the chaperones supposedly
    accompanying the group) was an accident waiting to happen aside from any
    foul play!

    And then Natalee’s decision to stay back when her companions went back to
    the Hotel, and get into a car with three “strange males” to go off into the

    What was she expecting of them, even if they did not have the least
    intention of harming her in any way, for them to play “patty cake” with

    The lack of judgement, both, on Beth’s, as well as her daughter’s part,
    sealed Natalee’s fate!

    It’s sad!


  17. I see that Bob Costas refused to host “The Larry King Show” for CNN about a week ago because the topic that night was to be Natalee Holloway. Good for him.

  18. Last Thursday, Bob Costas, in a show of personal integrity and journalistic ethics rarely seen nowadays , refused to host the ?¢??Larry King Live?¢?? show for which he was hired by CNN as an occasional fill-in, because the show was primarily about the ?¢??Natalee Holloway?¢?? fiasco in Aruba which the media keeps ?¢??beating like a dead horse?¢?? on account of ratings.

    When asked about his decision, Mr. Costas said: ?¢??I didn’t think the subject matter of Thursday’s show was the kind of broadcast I should be doing,” Costas said in a statement. “I suggested some alternatives but the producers preferred the topics they had chosen. I was fine with that, and respectfully declined to participate.”

    The show?¢??s guests included Beth Holloway Twitty, Natalee?¢??s mom, a television reporter; and an investigator in the case. Seven of the show’s 10 guests talked about the events in Aruba for 50 minutes (an eternity in television time), hashing, and rehashing the same old stale facts, ever increasingly paranoid allegations by Mrs. Twitty, the latest rumors and innuendos from Aruba, and basically engaging in the same redundant melodrama we have come to expect of the participants night after night now for nearly three months. The last 10 minutes of the hour-long show, were devoted to another ?¢??sordid?¢?? subject: the BTK killer.

    Upon Mr. Costas?¢?? refusal, Wendy Walker, senior executive producer of “Larry King Live,” would have allowed Beth Holloway Twitty, to host the show herself, being she was the star of the show, but realized she needed someone to ask her the questions, since it would have been difficult for Beth to be the interviewer, and play the ?¢??Drama Queen?¢?? at the same time, and would have made the show even less credible, journalistically, than it already would be, so that at the last minute Chris Pixley was grabbed to fill-in for Mr. Costas.

    When asked about the fiasco, Larry King, the show?¢??s host for whom Mr. Costas was supposed to be sitting-in, had no comments. Mr. King has already devoted several of his shows to Natalee, and Aruba.

    This brings home the question when is enough Natalee Holloway enough? For three months now the American media has almost exclusively focused on Natalee?¢??s disappearance in Aruba, a case with very few pieces of known ?¢??solid?¢?? evidence, and having few significant developments all throughout that period, and which has been blown way out of proportion by the networks, and the pundits, who lacking credible information have had to resort to expounding upon the scant evidence to the point of absurdity, or rely on rumors, allegations and hear say to fill the void, all at the expense of reporting on other news and developments taking place here, and around the world which will have far greater impact on all of our lives.

    As much as we may all empathize with Beth Holloway Twitty and her loss on a personal level, this is a ?¢??family?¢?? tragedy, and not a ?¢??national?¢?? or ?¢??international?¢?? event, and should no longer be at this point, the ?¢??all-consuming?¢?? focus of the entire Nation,
    specially in light of the threats and challenges we are presently facing.

    In the words of Professor Jeffrey M. McCall, Professor of Communication at De Pauw University, Indiana: ?¢??Journalism textbooks highlight the concept of “high impact” news. This is the notion that news should focus on events that affect a large number of people. Beyond the emotions we feel over stories like Natalee…. few people beyond immediate family and friends are affected. Nobody’s political priorities, economic decisions or social behaviors are affected by gawking at the latest Natalee update or following…. for days on end. Raising the profile and coverage of these highly emotional stories erodes the line between news and entertainment.?¢?? He concludes his observations by reminding us: ?¢?? First Amendment framer James Madison once said, ?¢??A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.?¢?? Knowing all there is to know about Natalee…. will hardly contribute to maintaining our freedom..?¢??

    So I say Kudos to Mr. Bob Costas! It was high time someone would have the integrity, and ?¢??cojones?¢?? to stand up to this Natalee Holloway ?¢??media circus!?¢?? Kudos!


  19. The dutch F-16s were in Aruba to assess and monitor President Chavez’s strategic and military activities. The U.S. wants to use Aruba as a military hub to invade the ‘rebelious’ Chavez. Aruba isnt willing to totally cooperate and thats why they are using this natalee holloway thing to put pressure on Aruba by using their heavy media machine. Natalee is alive and the mother knows that fact too. That why natalee’s father didnt want to back up Dr.Phill’s call to boycott Aruba because he loves Aruba too much.

  20. Expect more bad things/news coming soon for Aruba in the next few days/weeks….the natalee thing didn’t work out like it was supposed to.(for the C.I.A.)

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