Are They More Blatant, or Did I Just Wake Up?

How often will Fox News show videotape of someone being murdered so Sean Hannity can tell us we need even more surveillance cameras?

Five years ago I’d have agreed with Sean. Now I see a propaganda campaign to convince us that it’s good we’re being watched 24/7.

When I raise these issues at work, the other guys stare as though I’ve suddenly launched into a rendition of Deutschland Uber Alles. “Freedom isn’t free,” they tell me, with a condescending shake of their heads.

With cameras recording you in every public place, tracking devices in your cell phone and car telegraphing your every move, and the now-permanent right granted to police to search your home without telling you, how in the hell are you still free?

*Sigh.* Maybe I should learn the words to Deutschland Uber Alles. I can’t shake the feeling that we’re reliving 1930s Germany.


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