Back in South Carolina – Dogs Puzzled

My wife Sharon posts in my absence; I hope you will understand why my time is short this week. – DG

Thanks to all of you for faithfully waiting for the next PID Radio broadcast. We apologize for taking longer than we???d anticipated to bring you the next show. As we told you back in June, Derek and I took two weeks off for a ???vacation???. While on this break, we???ve been readying our home for the market while searching for new digs in Tennessee.

Yup. The Volunteeer State. Derek???s new gig takes us to Rogersville, Tennessee, and we are making plans for a new Bunker.

In the midst of preparing to move the Bunker, Derek???s father took ill. Derek flew out to South Carolina last week to see him – taking a morning to meet with his new employer – then flew back to help with the moving process.

However, a few days later, ???Pablo??? (Derek???s plucky dad, Paul) began to grow more ill, and he once again had to seek hospitalization. Derek drove out there Saturday, and he arrived safely Sunday. So, he and I haven???t even been in the same room much lately!

Although we haven???t had a chance to tape any new shows, we did record a fabulous and very informative conversation with Vyzygoth last week, so look for us to post that ASAP. In the meantime, please keep Derek and ???Pablo??? in your prayers. Plucky Pablo is gaining strength – we???ll keep you posted on his progress.

God has provided Derek???s new job in a location that is both beautful and close to the Big Gilberts in South Carolina. What a wonderful Lord we have!

If you live close to northeastern Tennessee, plan on visiting! We???ll post more updates as they come. We can tell you that Derek will very soon be hosting a nightly national radio broadcast – details to follow.

In the meantime, the Bunker is torn up, and the doggies are staring at me with questions marks over their furry little heads. But all will be well when we unpack the Bunker in the Appalachians and hoist the flag once again.

Thanks for hanging in there with us and for all your prayers!! – Sharon


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