Bwa Ha Ha

Televangeli$t Benny Hinn is under investigation by the IRS:

The inquiry into the flamboyant faith healer’s ministry began a year ago, and the IRS has asked for dozens of detailed answers, according to documents provided to The Dallas Morning News by a watchdog group. The Trinity Foundation has investigated Mr. Hinn for more than a decade and condemns his leadership as autocratic and his lifestyle as lavish.

The IRS wouldn’t discuss the case, and it’s unclear whether the agency’s concerns about the ministry, which is estimated to raise more than $100 million annually, are close to being resolved or will open an audit.

Any pastor with a $10 million parsonage deserves to be investigated.


One response to “Bwa Ha Ha

  1. Doesn’t that stuff about false prophets who come seeking money still apply? I think it’s in II Corinthians. It bothers me that Hinn has so many followers… but it bothers me worse to think of the countless people that I’m sure he’s turned off to Christianity, and who site him as an example of how “bad” Christianity is.

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