Report From Greenville

I’m writing from my Dad’s iMac tonight, a computer he hasn’t touched for awhile. A few weeks back he began suffering dizzy spells and loss of motor control over the right side of his body. Sadly, although his doctors have tested him every way possible short of a brain biopsy, they can’t pinpoint a cause.

I got into Greenville around 2PM ET yesterday.? A charming old fellow named Mac turned our 30-minute trip to Mom and Dad’s via the Airport Express shuttle into a 60-minute sightseeing tour (“Wait–I know what I did.? Quick U-turn here and we’ll be all right.”). He was so much fun to talk to that I didn’t much mind.

Dad is in a pretty good mood, at least as good as one can be in when one is more or less limited to bed and a recliner.? His sense of balance is still out of whack, so walking, which is tough enough when you can’t control one leg very well, is made even more difficult.? Mom and I have been taking turns following him while he navigates with his walker to keep him from falling.

In addition, his lack of balance makes him nauseous and that makes it hard for him to eat.? He’s dropped about 7 pounds in the last week and a half.

His speech is more slurred than it was last week, very difficult to understand at times.? His mind is still sharp–he was cracking jokes and playful with my niece and nephew today–but he has trouble forming the words he wants to share with us.

It’s hard watching a parent grow frail.? In my mind’s eye, Dad is still taller, stronger, and smarter (well, he is still smarter).? This is the way of life, at least in this plane of existence.

The good news is that Dad knows the Good News.? Whatever happens over the next days, weeks, months, or years, we know the ultimate end.? This frailty is only for a little while, and then it will be forgotten forever.


3 responses to “Report From Greenville

  1. Hey, good luck with your dad. We’ll pray for the family.

  2. Derek, I’ll keep your dad and your family in my prayers.

  3. He’s in my prayers, Derek.

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