So How’s This New Beard Working?

Salesman or Evil Spock?

Urbane intellectual or Evil Spock?


9 responses to “So How’s This New Beard Working?

  1. Dare you not to shave until the Cubs beat the Sox.

  2. Do you mean just the goatee or my whole face? The way the Cubs have played this week, I could look like this before I shave again:

    William Lee Derek

  3. It’s a good look for you.

  4. Well, that didn’t work. This is what I meant.

    Derek William

  5. Hmm. All I need is a long staff and a flowing robe and I could be Sorryman the Very Grey.

  6. See Derek all I have to do is give the Cubs a little dig on this site and they win! By the way is Derek Lee having a monster year or what? Sammy who?

  7. Derek, you look TERRIFIED in that picture!

  8. I was crazy about that episode of star trek as a kid. We waited all year for that one. Was that everybody’s favorite?

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