Mindless Worship

Parableman posts a heart-warming observation on the joy in watching his young son sing to the glory of God, even though his little boy is really isn’t old enough to understand the meaning of what he sings. That’s a blessing, and kudos to Jeremy for training up his child in the way he should go.

Sadly, however, churches are filled on Sunday mornings with grownups who still don’t understand what they’re singing about. Have you noticed how often the word “I” is used in modern praise choruses? And how often the focus of the lyrics is what “I” do for God (I lift You up, I bless You, I praise You, etc.), rather than what He has already done?

Sunday morning worship, especially in “seeker-friendly” churches, has devolved into sanitized pop music concerts, bloodless and lacking any doctrinal meat.

“But the music is so…uplifting!” Yeah, and so was the Cubs’ 14-0 win over Florida last night. But that didn’t do my soul any good, either.


One response to “Mindless Worship

  1. It doesn’t take much training where autism is concerned. All it takes is a few listens. That’s why I think this is so much like the stones crying out.

    As I commented on your comment on my post, I think we need to remember that the psalms make liberal use of first-person pronouns. Many of them are from the perspective of an individual, and much of the language is about what God is for, to, or with regard to me (from that first-person perspective). Once I realized that, I stopped complaining about first-person pronouns in contemporary worship. There are more substantive criticisms to make that I think this issue is a mere distraction.

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