James Rollins Set For Big Time

Congratulations to author James Rollins, our guest on P.I.D. Radio #13. It appears he’s officially arrived. I was at Sam’s Club a couple of days ago, picking up large, wholesale quantities of granola cereal and blueberries, when I noticed his latest novel Map of Bones in the book section.

I know authors don’t make as much on books sold at Sam’s (not possible when a $24.99 hardcover is sold off at $13.88), but it means the buyers for Sam’s and Wal-Mart are convinced they can sell a lot of them.

Jim is a good guy and writes a fascinating thriller. I’m about a third of the way through it. Think Da Vinci Code, but with three-dimensional characters and a more complex plot.


One response to “James Rollins Set For Big Time

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