The Orange Revolution Betrayed

Those who were paying attention saw this coming. The “democratic” revolution in Ukraine has turned out to be nothing nothing more than a rearrangement of the furniture in the halls of power:

[T]he new Ukrainian government of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, another revolutionary hero, has surprisingly opted for an economic policy that appears to be socialist and populist in nature. The results have been immediate: Last year Ukraine enjoyed economic growth of 12 percent; in the first four months of this year, the growth rate plunged to 5 percent, while inflation has surged to 15 percent. How could things turn so sour so fast?

Simple. It wasn’t about returning power to the people. It was about putting people in power who were aligned with Western Europe and the US rather than with Russia. Hey, Yuschenko may be a hard-core socialist, but at least he’s our socialist.

Same as in Georgia, and in Serbia, and…who’s next–Khazakstan? Uzbekistan? Turkmenistan? My guess is wherever George Soros has one of his Open Society Initiative branch offices. Then I’ll need to check into how much money the US Department of State is sending that nation to “encourage democracy”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next country to undergo a “color revolution” was a main topic of discussion at the recent Bilderberg Group meeting in Munich.


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