A ‘Prophet’ Who Summons UFOs

A guy named Ramon Watkins, aka Prophet Yahweh, apparently made good on a promise to summon a UFO for a TV news crew in Las Vegas Friday night.

Here’s a link to the video.

Prophet Yahweh

Interestingly, he claims more sightings are on the way in the near future, including the appearance of a huge UFO over Las Vegas.

He may be right, though the prophet is confusing the origin of whatever he’s summoning.


3 responses to “A ‘Prophet’ Who Summons UFOs

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  2. he looks like he was just released from a lamp, and he is ready to grant you one wish, an a**kicking! is this guy a black panther?

  3. Ex-Marine, actually. Click the link and watch the video. He looks like any average guy you’d see on the street–a little disappointing, to tell the truth.

    But he makes up for his apparent normalcy when he starts talking. In his prayer, the “prophet” asks for the UFO to appear so viewers won’t think he’s crazy like the people who want to kill him.

    Eh? Is that something else the voices are telling him?

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