Another Dead Scientist

This makes 45 that have died unnatural deaths since October of 2001:

San Francisco police are preparing to offer a reward for a prominent doctor found stabbed to death last week.

Dr. Robert Lull’s aide found him dead in his Diamond Heights home on Thursday. His assistant went to his house to look for him when he did not show up for work at San Francisco General Hospital.

Lull was the chief of nuclear medicine in the radiology department.

Lull also had some expertise in the field of nuclear terrorism, having served in the military and as medical consultant at Inter-service Nuclear Weapons School at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M. Last September, on the third anniversary of 9/11, Dr. Lull spoke on the subject “Is Nuclear Terrorism Possible?”

According to an account of the event in the UCSF’s Department of Radiology newsletter:

Attempts to smuggle nuclear weapons and materials have occurred, Lull said, citing incidents in Munich and Prague. More frighteningly, the now deceased General Alex Lebed said in a 2000 “60 Minutes” interview that Russia “can’t account for or locate approximately 135 suitcase size’ 1 KT fission nuclear weapons of the munitions type.”

Dr. Lull was reportedly working on hemorrhagic intestinal disorders. Considering that most of the other scientists on the “death list” were expert in emerging infectious diseases, this may be significant.

Yes, yes, it may all be coincidence. And pigs may one day fly.


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