The Clonus Horror

That’s the title of a truly awful sci-fi movie from the ’70s starring Peter Graves and Keenan Wynn. It also describes the ultimate end of the battle being waged for tax dollars to fund a vast enterprise of human cloning under the guise of embryonic stem cell research.

No doubt news of a breakthrough in South Korea will heat up the debate:

Researchers in South Korea have created the first human embryonic stem-cell lines using DNA from injured or sick donors who could theoretically benefit from such cells. The new cloning experiment, detailed in a paper published Thursday on the journal Science???s Web site, builds on groundbreaking research that was published last year by the same group.

The key word being theoretically, since scientists have yet to develop a method of preventing embryonic stem-cell cancers, which do not occur when a patient???s own stem cells are harvested from bone marrow, fat, or hair follicles.


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