May 1: Beltane

And the druids are coming out of the woodwork (pun intended):

HAMBURG – Up to 150,000 self-styled witches and warlocks, New Age practitioners and the simply curious are converging for May Eve revelries on the summit of the highest peak in the Harz Mountains on Saturday night.

Children in spooky costumes will participate in parades and street fairs in villages on the slopes of the Brocken, the mountain immortalised in Alexander Borodin’s ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ orchestral suite.

Bonfires will light the nighttime skies on mountain tops in the Harz region as local communities held their own May Day Eve festivals marking the end of winter and the coming of summer.

It’s even happening here, in small town Middle America–although it’s more of a potluck supper thing:

BELTANE CELEBRATION: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. May 1, Soap Fat Road, Shippenville [Pa.]. Beltane ?¢??Fire of Life?¢?? Presented by Mystic?¢??s Cove Pagan Network. Dress in your favorite fairy, medieval or ritual ware and join us for the celebration of spring. Maypole, bonfire games and friendship. Misfit Island vending is available. Bring a covered dish for a potluck dinner. Free and open to the public.

Do the “simply curious” not know or simply not care that God was serious about placing no other gods before Him? More and more lately, I feel like Hosea: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Hey, how long before these druid wannabes bring back the Wicker Man? Not the fake ones they burn nowadays, I mean the kind Julius Caesar wrote about:

The whole Gallic race is addicted to religious ritual; consequently those suffering from serious maladies or subject to the perils of battle sacrifice human victims. . . . Some weave huge figures of wicker and fill their limbs with humans, who are then burned to death when the figures are set afire. They suppose that the gods prefer this execution to be applied to thieves, robbers, and other malefactors taken in the act, but in default of such they resort to the execution of the innocent.

Wicker Man
Wicker Man at Butser Ancient Farm in the U.K.

Now, that’s an old-fashioned barbecue.


One response to “May 1: Beltane

  1. So, the old gods were not dead but only sleeping. To be re-awakened by an age of unbelief. No longer content with the true God of love and sacrifice we embrace what our ancestors forsook. The fires of Beltane and Samhain burn again. If it is possible to grieve in Glory, St. Patrick must be weeping.

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