Harper’s: Christians Are Fascists

Stanley Kurtz notes a disturbing cover story in the current Harper’s:

[W]hat are we to make of a cover story in Harper???s that systematically identifies conservative Christianity with fascism? According to Harper???s, conservative Christians are making ???war on America.??? Can you imagine the reaction to a cover story about a ???war on America??? by blacks, gays, Hispanics, or Jews? Then there???s Frank Rich???s April 24 New York Times op-ed comparing conservative Christians to George Wallace, segregationists, and lynch mobs.

These comparisons are both inflammatory and mistaken. Made in the name of opposing hatred, they license hatred. It was disturbing enough during the election when even the most respectable spokesmen on the left proudly proclaimed their hatred of president Bush. Out of that hatred flowed pervasive, if low-level, violence. I fear that Bush hatred is now being channeled into hatred of Christian conservatives. The process began after the election and is steadily growing worse. This hatred of conservative Christians isn???t new, but it is being fanned to a fever pitch.

Disturbing, yes, but expected. Jesus said the world hated Him first, so we should expect no different.

What’s typical in this liberal screed is the flawed logic in the author’s conclusions:

[Chris] Hedges seems to be worried that the United States is just a few short steps away from having apostasy, blasphemy, sodomy, and witchcraft declared capital crimes. Compare this liberal fantasy of imminent theocracy to the reality of Lawrence v. Texas and Roper v. Simmons (the Supreme Court decision that appealed to European precedents to overturn capital punishment for juveniles).

Facts are irrelevant. To liberals, Christians are the new Hitlers. Case closed.

Ironic, isn’t it? None of the founding fathers would have approved of same-sex marriage, but now those with a biblical understanding of the practice are equated with the evil, genocidal supporters of Adolf Hitler.

It’s a fact of 21st century American life: The one group you’re allowed to openly hate is Bible-believing Christians.

5 responses to “Harper’s: Christians Are Fascists

  1. What’s really absurd is that empirical evidence proves that the nation is moving in a direction diametric to the one the Harper’s author claims.

  2. Yeah, but not fast enough, apparently.

  3. Derek, you make an excellent point that Jesus warned that those who followed Him would be hated as much as He is, but it sure doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. His message, the message that His followers believe and proclaim, is love–love first for God and then love for others, even our enemies, even to the point of dying for our enemies. Even though we can’t do it, He did it. How on earth does that translate to fascism? I don’t buy that the actions of a fanatical few have tarred all traditional Christians. After all, the world has certainly been very happy to absolve Muslims on the whole despite the actions of the fanatical few, even though Islam is NOT a religion of love. Far from it. It’s so very hard for me to understand it.

  4. I keep hoping the fundamentalists and the extremists will take it to Mars so the rest of us can live in peace. I was disturbed by Harper’s report on all the voting irregularities in Ohio – not to say that W wouldn’t have won anyway, but I would think that all Americans people would a transparent system of voting accountability, I’ve written plenty of software and logical mistakes are easy to make, in either direction. Without the source code being verified, there’s no real way to know for sure, and I think that affects freedom and democracy.

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