Back to Work

Light blogging yesterday because I took the day off work, pulled my 15-year-old daughter out of school, and played hooky at the ballpark. Busch Stadium is in its final year of existence and this was our last chance to see the Cubs at Busch. (You can’t get two seats together for any of the remaining Cubs games in St. Louis this season.)

Sadly for the visiting team, the Cardinals’ Chris Carpenter continues a remarkable comeback from the numbness in his pitching arm that sidelined him for the playoffs and World Series last year. He shut out the Cubs on 7 hits, and the Cards won 4-0.

Still, an afternoon spent discussing the finer points of life and baseball with your kid is time well spent. No matter who won the game on the field, yesterday was a big win for me.


One response to “Back to Work

  1. A day well spent, Derek. Kudos to you for having your priorities straight. (Surprise, suprise Nomar is out for at least 2-3 months. Who woulda thunk it?)

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