White Smoke

Apparently the cardinals have elected the next pope. That was quicker than I expected, but I’m not exactly handicapping the contest. I left the Roman Catholic Church behind when my first wife moved out (I was raised in the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church before becoming a Catholic; my wife says I’m a walking argument for predestination).

If I had to guess, I’d say Cardinal Ratzinger or Cardinal Lustiger is the new pope. Lustiger would seem to fulfill Saint Malachy’s prophecy that the new pope will be “the glory of the olive”, referring to Lustiger’s Jewish parents.

If Malachy’s vision was true and not a deception, there will be only one more pope after the one elected today before the end of all things.

UPDATE: Cardinal Ratzinger it is. I don’t know anything about him, but I think it will be more difficult to count him as “the glory of the olive” that Cardinal Lustiger. I don’t doubt that some will try anyway.

Sharon just sent me a note (call you in a minute, sweetheart!) and reminded me that Cardinal Ratzinger is a doctrinal conservative. He has condemned Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism as “auto-erotic spirituality”, opposed the changes of Vatican II, and has encouraged a return to the Latin Mass.

Hmm. This could be interesting.


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