Psst! Wanna Buy a Compound?

Joyce Meyer Ministries has put two of the cluster of five homes it owns in southwest St. Louis County on the market. They’re bargain priced–only $2.55 million and they’re yours.

That’s not all: The ministry may put the other three houses on the market, too.

The Meyer family members have been living in the homes, but the ministry pays the bills – property taxes, utilities and landscaping and renovations made to family members’ personal preferences.

The ministry also pays the salaries of Meyer, her husband, the four children and their four spouses, who all work for the ministry. Joyce Meyer, her husband, and their four children all serve on the board of directors that makes financial decisions for the ministry.
In November 2003, Meyer told the Post-Dispatch that the ministry bought the homes, clustered near Gravois Road and Interstate 270, for her protection. The homes where the children live surround Meyer’s home and served as buffers against stalkers, Meyer said at the time.

The arrangement was one of the reasons a watchdog group called on the Internal Revenue Service to investigate Meyer and her family. Federal law prohibits ministry founders and their families from unreasonably benefiting from proceeds raised by a tax-exempt ministry.

When Joyce bought her home five years ago for about $800K, she gutted it and spent $1.1 million on renovations.

Now, a lot of people respect Joyce Meyer as a godly woman who uplifts and edifies the faithful. Well and good. Her ministry does an awful lot in one of the rougher neighborhoods here in Saint Louis.

But to use ministry funds to set up a family compound with a collective half-acre of liveable square footage worth about $4 million? Joyce Meyer is forgetting where she’s supposed to store up her treasure.

I hope the “for sale” signs are a step back in the right direction.


6 responses to “Psst! Wanna Buy a Compound?

  1. “I hope the ?¢??for sale?¢?? signs are a step back in the right direction.”

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case…

    Mark Sutherland, spokesman for the ministry, said that an increase in property values in the area of south St. Louis County where the homes are led Meyer and the ministry to put them on the market.”The increase in property values makes it hard not to sell,” Sutherland said. “One of the reasons the ministry bought them were for investments for the ministry. We thought it was time to sell them to raise money to help bolster the work the ministry is doing around the world.”

    This is double-talk. It’s not an investment. The ministry has dumped millions into these home that they will NEVER recoup. $795,000 (initial price) + $1.1 mil (renovations) = $1,895,000, that’s just for one of the two houses they’re selling and doesn’t include the utilities and maintenance that have been shelled out. The ministry is going to lose money. That’s unfortunate.

  2. That could well be why Joyce’s house isn’t on the market, at least not yet. You’re right–the ministry is never going to get $1.9 million for that house.

    Check out this page for a look at the Meyer family compound from the air, complete with a key detailing who lives where and how much the ministry paid for each.

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  5. Kathleen Ischo

    I am so disappointed to learn there is a ‘compound’ for Joyce Meyer and her entire family.
    I am not jealous as she so oftens throws out to her audience at her conferences stating that people should not ‘judge’ her. God intended indeed for his preachers to be blessed but making $90 million a year and making personally, $900 to $400thousand dollars is WAY ABOVE NEEDS or wants. Something MUST happen to these ministers to cause them to get so greedy and display such a waste of money on themselves. I guess I’m not a millionairre so I couldn’t say, but I know I could personally live on $5 million a year and give the other $95million into America for it’s starving children and families in the Gulf Coast, and the homeless. I don’t begrudge ANYONE living well but just like most all the other tv evangelists, their greed and display of ‘worldliness’ is a turn-off.
    I’m now very sorry I helped make her and her family rich – I tithed to their ministry for over
    5 years and wish I could have my money back. I’d have approx. $10grand! The poor people they succker!

  6. Kathleen Ischo

    Like I said, I’m sorry she takes so much money from so many sincere people.

    She always says often, “Gee, I wish someone would sow a one million dollar gift into MY ministry!”
    WHAT is THAT??? Add up the yearly donations (plus the sad fact that she pays nothing for anything,) and isn’t $90 million a year good enough??

    If she thinks about it, she GETS more than a million donated, just not all at once.
    Whats the matter with these people? Hollywood is bad enough, and why does her husband have to
    drive a car for $100,000.00? I just don’t get it. Between the Bakkers, Falwell, Swaggert, etc.,
    etc., etc. Is there NONE who REALLY know the humbleness of Jesus????
    It’s just so incredibly ridiculous. Billy Graham? He may have a hefty bank account, but lives in moderation.

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