Teen Girls Arrested as Suspected Terrorists–or as Homeschoolers?

I’m glad my wife is blogging. She’s very perceptive and connects dots I often don’t even see.

Take the story today on the teen girls in New York City charged with planning a suicide bombing. Sharon picked out the incongruities in the story:

If the girls are illegal, how did the parents enroll them in a public school?

At least one parent claims her daughter has been homeschooled since last year. The authorities searched the home (allegedly as part of an investigation into truency – again, odd for a 16-year-old) and found an essay on the girl?¢??s computer about Islam and suicide (stating that is is wrong). This supposedly led to the arrest.

Here?¢??s why this disturbs me. Imagine a public outcry that Islamic parents shouldn?¢??t be allowed to homeschool kids. After all, this prevents schools from teaching American values, right?

Now, take this a bit further. If homeschooling is outlawed for Islam, then it?¢??s just a quick hop to outlawing it for everybody. Sure, homeschool students typically perform higher on tests, but parents who homeschool might be teaching anything!

Think this is far-fetched? Homeschooling parents in Germany are being threatened with having their children put in state custody. And remember the mock terror exercise in Michigan last fall where the perpetrators were radical homeschoolers?

Sharon’s right. These are the days of Final Freedoms.


3 responses to “Teen Girls Arrested as Suspected Terrorists–or as Homeschoolers?

  1. Relax, the Republicans are in charge.

  2. Republicans are in charge nationally, but not locally. WHo do you think makes state and local laws? Mayors, City Councils and School boards are overwhelmingly populated by leftists.

  3. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a Federal agency. Besides, the majority of Republicans are leftist. There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. It is a Republican administration that has created the current zeitgeist of the terrorist bogey man that trickles down to all levels. Just as the RICO statute was abused to punish pro-lifers the Patriot Act will be the abused means to the government’s desired ends.

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