Look at the Future

Vox Day looks ahead:

If you insist on clinging to the political fiction of a Democratic-Republican dichotomy, you will find the next twenty years as mystifying as the last twenty. If, on the other hand, you understand that beneath the fiction is an orchestrated effort to transform a theoretically decentralized constitutional republic into a fully centralized member of a supranational oligarchy, everything not only makes perfect sense, but becomes quite predictable. Thus, I can confidently predict:

  • uniform state euthanasia laws
  • a ban on home-schooling, probably federal
  • a political union with Canada and Mexico
  • an elimination of the right to trial by jury
  • elimination of the separation of powers doctrine (this is already effective, but not apparent)
  • a ban on all political speech by unapproved parties (already in the works)
  • emigration restrictions
  • legally recognized polyamorous relationships
  • a global tax to fund a UN military

The good news for Christians is that having read the end of the Book, we know who wins.


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