Evangelicals Oppose Bush on Schiavo

So says the Associated Press. I’d like to see the questions.

More than two-thirds of people who describe themselves as evangelicals and conservatives disapprove of the intervention by Congress and President Bush in the case of the Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged woman at the center of a national debate.

I wasn’t crazy about the government’s intervention, but not because I thought Terri should die. I don’t like the legal precedent that’s been set–in state and federal courts–to allow a severely disabled person to be put to death.

The fact that the media has generally portrayed this as a “right to die” case may have something to do with the poll results. I find it hard to believe that a majority of Americans, especially evangelicals, support the starvation/dehydration death of a helpless woman.

I’ll say it again: Terri Schiavo wasn’t dying until a judge allowed her “husband” to cut off her food and water. Cut off your food and water, and you’d die just like her.


5 responses to “Evangelicals Oppose Bush on Schiavo

  1. Count me as one of those who was not happy with Congress’s intervention, but my reason was because of the way they intervened. I had hoped for some kind of legislation that would prevent persons who could not speak for themselves from being killed by those who found caring for them to be inconvenient. Instead, we got a piece of legislation that applied only to Terri and didn’t really accomplish anything. I believe that the reason for the legislation was not to save Terri’s life or the lives of the “inconvenient” people but to curry favor with pro-lifers. But I guess it’s really my fault for expecting something decent from Congress.

  2. For $95/yr. you can get access to those poll questions. đŸ˜‰

    At least their blog is free, even though it hasn’t been updated for over a month now.

  3. Update, the CBS News Poll questions referenced in the Yahoo article can be found here.

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  5. Well that explains a lot. Those questions equated brain death with coma and so-called persistent vegetative state. If someone is brain dead, they will need a lot more medical intervention than a feeding tube to keep their body functioning. I suspect that the majority of people believe that Terri is brain dead and that the only thing keeping her alive is that feeding tube. Terri is brain-damaged, not brain dead. And there was no medical intervention that is keeping her alive except for a little bit of help to get nutrition to her.

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